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Article: 5 Factors To Consider While Choosing A Wooden Coffee Table For Your Living Room

5 Factors To Consider While Choosing A Wooden Coffee Table For Your Living Room

5 Factors To Consider While Choosing A Wooden Coffee Table For Your Living Room

Choosing a wooden coffee table for your living room is an easy and tough task at the same time! With so many options available in the market today, in terms of size, finish, type of wood and design, it can be daunting to pick up the right one. While the right kind of coffee table can pull the room’s look together and spark a conversation, the wrong kind can be a sore sight and impractical. So, make a note of the factors that you should consider while shopping for a wooden coffee table online or from a brick and mortar store.  

1. Keep the amount of space in mind

To be on the safe side, a coffee table should be positioned about 18 inches away from a sofa or chair. This will make it close enough to put down a drink and far enough to stretch your legs. Also, a small room needs a small coffee table, while a large one needs a big coffee table to keep everything proportionate. Keep the dimensions of your sofa and other furniture pieces in mind as well. Moreover, the height of the table should be an inch or two lower than that of the sofa, ideally.

2. Tone and finish of the wood

Among the things to consider for a wooden coffee table, tone and finish are crucial. To pick the right one, consider the colour of your walls and floor and the colour of other furniture pieces. A dark coffee table will contrast a light-hued environment beautifully, unless you already have too many dark furniture pieces in the living room. On the other hand, a light-coloured table will go well with both dark and light walls. As far as finishes are concerned, you can pick from water-based, oil-based, varnish, lacquer, shellac and more. However, it should complement the rest of the furniture.

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3. Consider the décor theme

The type of wooden coffee table you choose will also depend on the décor scheme of your living room. So, take into account your sofa style, drapes, rugs and décor accents. If it’s a modern one, a simple table with neat lines will do the trick. And if your living room has a vintage or old-world vibe, an ornate coffee table might be better suited. However, remember that the price will be affected by the extent of carvings. Pay attention to the legs too. Some might be straightforward and trendy, while others might be curvy and inspired by traditional motifs.

4. Wood paired with other materials

This is one of the best tips to choose a wooden coffee table if you love experimenting with different materials and textures. For instance, a sleek wooden table with a glass top can make a stylish statement and give you a clear view of the magazines and books it stores. Or, you can go for a wooden table with a beautiful metal base for an interesting look. You can even experiment with a colourful metal base to lend an eclectic touch to your space.

5. Spare a thought for storage

If you wish to make the most of your space, choosing a wooden coffee table with inbuilt storage is a good idea. It can be simple and solid affair or a sleek table with drawers. You can use these to stash away newspapers, keys, stationery and other odds and ends. Storage-friendly coffee tables can keep your living room uncluttered and organised.

So, you now know how to choose a wooden coffee table that is functional and elegant. Also remember to pick one with rounded edges if you have kids or pets at home to avoid injury. To make a unique statement, you can pick up tables that feature gorgeous inlay work or are inspired by doors. No matter which one you choose, make sure the wood is premium quality and certified, so that you get maximum value for your money.

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