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Article: All You Need to Know About Teak Wood Furniture

All You Need to Know About Teak Wood Furniture

All You Need to Know About Teak Wood Furniture

Teak wood furniture has been considered a prized asset in Indian homes for generations. All those lovely antique pieces you see in heritage homes or palaces, that stand out for their alluring beauty and stay bright and fresh for ages, are most likely made of this prized material. Teak has so many inherent qualities that make it the most suitable material with which to make furniture you will be proud to own and display in your home. Read on to know all about the benefits of going for original teak furniture.

Advantages of using teak wood for furniture

Luxury furniture makers have a soft spot for this beautiful material that is considered a ‘noble wood.’ Some of the qualities of teak wood that make it so attractive are its high durability, the lingering soft aroma, its glorious colour and its natural resistance to rot and insects. Let us take a look at what these characteristics mean in terms of buying furniture:

Durability: When you buy expensive furniture, you would, of course, want it to last. And not just last but give you hassle-free performance for as long as you want to use it. Teak wood has a high proportion of natural oils in it that make it virtually waterproof. This means it will not allow water to seep through and rot or warp. In the long run, you will find that your teak wood furniture, unlike the other pieces you own, is not subject to twisting or splintering.

Strength: Teak wood used in furniture manufacture comes from mature trees which means it has innate strength and stability. This is the reason teak wood is heavily preferred to be used in the heavier furniture category that is put to for everyday use. The teak furniture you own can be trusted to carry any amount of weight you pile on it.

Low maintenance: An amazing feature of teak wood is its ability to withstand wear and tear without losing its looks. All it takes is some gentle care to remove dust and stains and your teak furniture will easily last generations.

Adaptable to weather: Teak has the natural ability to adapt to the weather which means it is highly suitable for use in outdoor furniture. Sun and rain do not detract from its ability to keep itself strong and beautiful. They do not develop cracks or lose their sheen even when placed outdoors.

Looks: Teak wood is very well suited to carving and that is why you will find that many of the intricately carved wooden furniture is made with teak.

What to Look for When Buying Teak Furniture

When you are looking to buy a special piece of teak furniture for your home, make sure it is made of the best quality teak available. Not every type of teak wood is suited for long-lasting furniture. The dense core of mature teak trees – over 30 years old – is considered the best quality of teak wood. This is the ‘heartwood’ or grade A wood that possesses all the characteristics mentioned above. The second quality or grade B is the heartwood of immature trees and possess some of the qualities above but not to the extent of grade A teak. Grade C, the lowest quality teak wood is also used in furniture and is probably what you end up getting from unscrupulous sellers who promise ‘great deals’ on teak furniture. The best way to avoid getting duped is to trust an established furniture maker like Woodala, where every piece of teak furniture is made from the best teak wood in India. The wood is responsibly sourced and handcrafted by the most talented professionals to give you exquisite furniture that you will be proud to pass on to your children.

To give you an idea about the extraordinary designs you can buy in teak wood, here are some examples:

· Teakwood Cradle

The happiest moment of your life deserves to be framed in the most beautiful object you can set your eyes on. The exquisitely carved teak wood cradle from Woodsala will help you do just that. This is something you can be assured will remain in your family for generations to come.

· Superb use of teak wood

The regal flower sofa is a brilliant example of all that teak wood promises. This is a piece of furniture that will capture the attention – and hearts – of every guest who walks into your home.

· Trendy bed frame

When you think teak wood, it doesn’t have to be all traditional and artistic. Teak is easily amenable to a modern aesthetic too, as demonstrated by this sleek modern bed. The colour and elegance are an inherent trait of the material but the design transforms it into a very classy and chic design.

· Enhance your spiritual experience

Teak wood is considered the ideal material for building small temples meant for use in homes. They sport beautiful carvings that create a serene atmosphere to put you in the right frame of mind for your prayers. They are also strong and durable so they can withstand house shifting or location changes.

· Start small and build your collection of teak wood furniture

Did you know that Woodsala even offers you teak wood coasters? These small and beautiful items are handcrafted with as much care as the big pieces like beds or dining tables and have the same qualities as they do – meaning you can even leave them as heirlooms for your grandchildren.

The use of teak wood in furniture is one of the key elements in building pieces that leave a lasting impression. Move past the ‘use and throw’ culture to adopt sustainable practices like choosing to buy furniture that will last you a lifetime. The money you invest in quality will give you double the returns with all that you save on maintenance, upkeep or even replacing damaged pieces of furniture.

If teak wood prices have ever caused doubts in your mind when it comes to furniture selection, you will be astonished to know that reliable brands like Woodsala have the best quality of teak wood furniture at quite affordable prices. And when you consider the long-term benefits of investing in real teak furniture, this is a purchase you will feel happy about for a lifetime.

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