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Article: 6 ways you can test the quality of wooden furniture

6 ways you can test the quality of wooden furniture

6 ways you can test the quality of wooden furniture

Your home is YOU! It is a reflection of who you are as a person. Needless to say, you want it to look the best. You want your home to look to look warm, comfortable and inviting without compromising on its aesthetic beauty. Classic wooden furniture can make all the difference here. Its strength and durability last for years . However, you have to be absolutely sure while  buying wooden furniture.

There are many cheaper alternatives available in the market like Plywood, MDF, Fibreboard etc, which are often sold in  the name of wood. They look almost identical but are low-quality. Here are some ways you can test the quality of wooden furniture without taking the seller’s word for it.

Before we dig deeper into it, let us first understand the different types of wood available in the market. Wood can be classified into three categories i.e. Solid Wood, Veneer (engineered wood made of several thin layers of wood scraped from trees) and Particle Board.

While solid wood promises durability, strength, it is also more expensive when compared to other less costly alternatives like Veneer and Ply. It can sometimes be difficult to tell the difference from the looks of it.

Here are some ways to tell if the wooden furniture online is good quality:-

  1. Check the Joints – Furniture made of solid wood will have smooth joints while plywood or veneers will have ends joined by means of glue, staples, nails etc.
  2. Uniform Look – If the wooden furniture has a smooth sleek finish, its most probably engineered wood rather than solid wood. Solid wood will have imperfections on the surface. Grain pattern is a visible identifier. Uniform grain pattern is a clear indication of Veneer.
  3. Heaviness - This one is a no-brainer of course. Solid Wood is heavier than its less costly alternatives. Also weight depends on the variety of wood used. Wood like Mahogany, Teak etc will be heavier than soft wood like Pine. When buying furniture online do check the product description thoroughly.
  4. Check the Drawers and Cabinets – Be mindful of any resistance of wobbling when you open the drawers. Also when buying online check how the handles or knobs are attached to the drawers. If they appear to be fixed firmly inside, it is likely to be solid wood.
  5. Finish – Good quality is more or less scratch resistant. The surface will be smooth from sanding and therefore appear satin-like smooth.
  6. Check the Price – Last but not the least, check the price. Solid Wood furniture is generally costly. So if you find a solid wood furniture online selling at dirt cheap price, it is likely that the material is not pure solid wood.

Do not rush. Take time, do your research and weigh your options. Apply due judgement when  buying furniture. Furniture made from solid wood are expensive but last for generations. The above mentioned tips will hopefully help you differentiate quality wooden furniture get your money’s worth.

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