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Article: 6 Trendy Chairs for your Home and Office

6 Trendy Chairs for your Home and Office

6 Trendy Chairs for your Home and Office

Whether you want to add some glam to your living room or are just looking for some extra seating, chairs are the most versatile pieces of furniture that can add functionality to your space. From traditional wooden chairs and trendy upholstered armchairs to cubby chairs for your living room or office lobby, here are some ideas that will enliven your existing decor scheme in seconds.
Here are our tip picks for trendy chairs that you can use both in your living room as well as in your office.

Full Cover Metallic Chairs – Upholstered and cushioned, these full-cover metallic chairs double up as extra seating in your living room as well as in the office lobby. These metallic chairs are fully upholstered to lend comfort and a plush vibe. It’s available in different colours as well, so that you can pick the one that best matches your existing décor theme. The chair does not take up too much space and allows plenty of room for movement.

Royal Teak-Wood Armchair - Experience royalty with this beautiful teak-wood armchair with its curved arm design for comfort. Handcrafted from pure teak wood by skilled artisans, the wood armchair chair boasts of premium finishing. You can use it for seating in your living room or your study room. It can act as an office wooden chair for use in the lobby or reception area as well. Pair these with decorative rugs and heavy drapes for the best visual effect.

Wooden Upholstered All Purpose Chair – This peppy chair, with its rounded edges and a square seat, lends a casual and fashionable appeal to the entire setup. You can use it in your workspace /study room at home or as a dining chair. Or, pair a couple of these with ottomans and beanbags in your den, for a funky look. The solid wood guarantees strength and durability that will last you for years to come. Choose bright and playful curtains, throws and rugs to complete the look. 

Long Back Wooden Chair – Perfect for dining or studying this long back chair guarantees an erect posture for comfort and overall wellbeing. Crafted from the highest quality country wood, it boasts of a delicious dark chocolate finish chair that adds a hint of luxury to any room. Use cream-coloured seats or upholstery for contrast and class. A vibrant and arty backdrop will work amazingly well with these chairs.

Country Wood Upholstered Armchair – This stylish armchair is just what you need to uplift your neutral settings, be it at home or in the office. Handcrafted from superior quality country wood, this beautiful armchair is just what you need for small spaces and corners in your living room or study. The contemporary design, the rounded back, and the cushioned surfaces ensure maximum comfort. 

Foldable Teak Wood Chair – This is one of those foldable home wooden chairs with a teak wood finish that are both functional and trendy. These foldable chairs can be used in the study, balcony, patio or terrace. Easily foldable, it can save space when not in use. The chair is ergonomically designed too, with low seating, and a back that is just at the right height to provide support as well as a bit of recline. Bright cushions and throws can add a touch of life and extra comfort to these chairs. They are solidly built and can weather rough use.

To wrap up, online wooden chairs can be of various types, whether you want a classy piece for your home or a practical and cosy piece for your office. So, research well and compare prices before you order one.

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