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Article: 6 Easy Steps to Create an Ideal Office at Home

6 Easy Steps to Create an Ideal Office at Home

6 Easy Steps to Create an Ideal Office at Home

If there is a phrase that best captures the spirit of 2020, it is ‘work from home.’ The pandemic forced millions across the globe to stay home in the interests of personal health and safety but as always humanity found a way to keep moving forward. Suddenly, we were questioning the need for daily commutes and large office spaces and it looks like one of the long-term effects of the present health crisis will be to strengthen the idea of working from home – even after the pandemic has passed. So, if you haven’t yet fully embraced the idea of a home office setup, now is the time to start! Forget the make-shift arrangements and temporary solutions – setting up a home office can be quick, fun and easy! Here are six easy steps which will help you create the ideal home office.

1. Identify the right space

The first thought when setting up a home office may be to covert a portion of the living room or bedroom for the purpose. This way, you are cramping up space you use for other purposes. Now is the right time to take a long, hard look at your home and identify spaces that are not currently being put to good use. Is there a spacious landing area on your staircase? Or a space under the staircase? Or even a built-in closet that is not crucial to your storage needs? With some creative home office design, you can easily convert these spaces for your work needs! All it takes is putting in necessary electrical connections, removing unnecessary elements and choosing the right kind of office furniture. By crafting a home office out of a space that is not being utilised, you can make sure that your home space is not disrupted and you have an exclusive area where you can focus on your work alone.

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2. Choose the Right home office furniture

Once you have found the perfect spot to set up your home office, the next step is to choose the perfect furniture. Again, thinking on a long-term basis, stop trying to make your home furniture do double duty as office furniture! For a smooth and productive work experience, you need to invest in the right work furniture. Go through Woodsala’s extensive catalogue for some great work tables and chairs. The best part is that you can have them customised to fit your space. If you have an irregular space, you can have furniture custom made too. If you are looking for home office ideas for small spaces, the mantra to follow is, build vertical. Use up as much as you can of the wall – put in floating shelves, corner shelves, additional work surfaces to place work accessories like printers and tray tables, all without taking up floor space.

3. Ensure comfort and right posture

Getting the ergonomics of your workspace right is vital to keeping your body healthy. Invest in an ergonomically designed chair to avoid aches and pains. In case you are making use of a dining chair or other home furniture for the purpose, make sure to place small pillows to provide support to the back and neck. You can also make use of a footstool to make sitting for long hours more comfortable. The table or work surface should be at a height that ensures you are looking straight at your computer screen and not straining your neck or back. The ideal height is where you are at eye level with the centre of your screen. The keypad and mouse should be at a point where your wrists are straight and the hand is at a slightly lower level than the elbows while using them.

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4. Set the right ambience

Your home office is an extension of your office not your home. Getting the tone of the home office right is essential to ensure productivity and focus. Chalk out distinct areas to keep your work accessories like files and stationery organised and accessible. Having a mess on your table or not being able to locate something you need, can waste a lot of your time and energy. Floating shelves, drawer organisers and desk organisers are your best friends when it comes to keeping the home office neat and efficient. Check out the Woodsala website for some amazing modern home office ideas to keep your workspace looking smart and organised.

5. Ensure adequate lights and wiring

Working from home is not a quick fix anymore – it is a reality that is going to be around for a while. Keeping this in mind, it may be a good idea to get an electrician over to provide your home office with adequate lighting and electrical outlets for all your requirements. If you can position your home office near a window to provide natural lighting, that would be great! But since not all layouts allow for such ideal solutions, make sure you have adequate lighting put in. And don’t just think of practicality here: You can even throw in some playful ambient lighting for those times you have to work late and need a distraction during those long hours of work. Ask the electrician to put in charging points and outlets for your printer or other hardware as needed.

6. Make it fun!

While it is important to have a professional-looking arrangement for your home office, you can also put in a bit of fun. Personalise your space without taking away from its formal appearance. You can put some personal effects on the shelves or desk and even paint the major wall of the area in a distinct colour to keep it separate from the other areas of the house. A colourful throw on your chair or your kid’s handprint in a frame are welcome additions to the formal atmosphere.

Your home office should aid in your carrying out your tasks efficiently and not distract from the reason why you have it in the first place: Work from home. Make sure it is a space that reflects well on your work ethic in a group video call – it should not be something that embarrasses you or makes you want to move away! Whether you have an entire room at your disposal or are looking for small home office ideas, Woodsala is always a great place to start your search for inspiration. We wish you happy and productive times in your brand-new home office!

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