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Article: 6 Reasons Why You Should Use Wood to Renovate Your Home

6 Reasons Why You Should Use Wood to Renovate Your Home

6 Reasons Why You Should Use Wood to Renovate Your Home

You give your home a new lease of life by renovating it. Who doesn’t like the refreshed feel of returning to something that is loved and familiar but still bright and new? You don’t have to pull down everything in your house to make it look new and trendy. Some of the most effective ways to revamp your interiors include adopting a new colour scheme for the walls and ceilings, replacing doors and cabinetry, getting a fresh coat of polish for your wooden furniture and redesigning your interiors with a new theme altogether. Incorporating wood into your design gives you a classic, timeless appeal. Here are some great reasons why wooden design should be your interior design theme -

A Fresh and Natural Look

There is something about wood that has a soothing effect on the human mind – perhaps because it brings to mind nature and the outdoors. The cool and natural appearance of wood always brightens the spirits. Its warmth and intimacy can also put guests at ease. An important characteristic of wood is that it doesn’t need a lot of embellishment to stand out. It is beautiful by itself and adds character to the space.

Heat and Sound Absorbing Capability

Wood has an insulating capacity that ensures retention of heat in winters and rapid cooling in summer. It can also absorb sound, and is therefore, great for added privacy within your rooms.

Eco-friendly Building Material

Though it would seem like chopping down trees is not the best practice to protect the environment, take into account that wood is long-lasting and has less capacity to pollute than other material that is used for interiors. Wood can last generations if maintained properly and what’s more, they can be reclaimed and reused for new purposes too.

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Strength and Durability

Did you know that wooden structures can withstand an earthquake, and are recommended in earthquake-prone areas? Wood has great strength and does not rust or develop cracks over time.

Easy to Maintain

Once wood is treated and put to use in interior design, it takes little effort to maintain its natural looks. Just wiping it clean with a cloth will make it shiny and new. A fresh coat of polish every few years will keep the wood fresh. Some types of wood are naturally resistant to rot and termites too.

Adaptability to Various Aesthetics

The best feature of wood that makes it a favourite with designers is its sheer capacity to blend with pretty much any design element. It can either be the focal point of an interior or the backdrop. Either way, it adds beauty and grace to the room. Wood can be carved, painted or stained to create interesting hues and textures. It can fit into contemporary or classic designs. It can stand out or blend as required, all the while adding warmth and charm to a room.

One of the most interesting things about wood is that it can fit every budget effortlessly. From premium woods to low-cost, all kinds of wood share the qualities of being strong and beautiful. While the expensive wood will last longer and give you better results, lesser quality wood too can be quite useful and versatile.

Sometimes, you do not want to bring in any major changes to your interior but just want to add a spark of novelty. Making a few changes to your furniture or adding a few elements can give you that effect without too much hassle.

Here are some fantastic ways designers have used wood to leave their signature on beautiful interiors -

Wooden furniture

Indian interiors are never complete without wooden furniture. They may be vintage pieces inherited from family homes or made to order or picked up from an amazing retailer like Woodsala, but wooden pieces have always held pride of place in our homes. What living room is complete without a regally carved wooden sofa set or a princely Diwan? The thought of a bedroom immediately brings to mind a beautifully carved bed with stately headboard and gracefully curved legs. Wood for home design is a much-favoured trend in both contemporary and classic homes.

Wooden shelves

An interesting way to use wood to immediately elevate the look of a room is to add wooden shelves. These may be floating shelves or elegant cabinets or even a full-length floor-to-ceiling kind of shelf.

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Wooden Floors

Always contemporary and immensely appealing, wooden floors add warmth and class to a room. If you are renovating your home, this is one sure way to completely transform the look and feel of a room.

Wood Panelling

Wood panelling is a stunning addition to any room. From minimalist and modern to vintage chic, any kind of look can be brought into effect with the right kind of wood panelling. Wood panels are also used on the ceilings to create great visual appeal.

Wooden doors

Bring in a carved and antique looking door like the kind you can find on Woodsala to create an interesting accent to your space. You could even use these as wall hangings instead of actual doors. This is a great décor idea to create an impact when you are not planning on making any major changes.

Wood Artefacts

A cost-effective and simple way to bring about a transformation to your interiors is to add wooden artefacts. They can be in the form of wooden sculptures or curios or even heavily carved ornament boxes of various shapes. The elements speak of the rich traditions and heritage of the country, and are fantastic conversation starters. Wooden pillars of varying heights can be put to use to place curios or planters.

Home renovation is a major investment of your time and resources and should be done to create maximum impact. Using wood as a major element will ensure your renovation lasts and continues to look beautiful for a long time to come.

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