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Article: Comprehensive Guide to Picking Out the Perfect Wooden Stool

Comprehensive Guide to Picking Out the Perfect Wooden Stool

Comprehensive Guide to Picking Out the Perfect Wooden Stool

If you are looking for a compact and versatile piece of furniture for your home, you cannot think of a better option than a wooden stool. This humble piece can be adapted to so many uses around the house that it is surprising that it doesn’t get more credit for its all-rounder performance. Think of it – this is what you turn to when you need a seat for an extra person at the table or when you need a leg up (literally) to reach for something or to quickly place as an extra snack table when you have guests or even to display a new prized possession. The right wooden stool can add immense utility to your home without taking up too much space. Use these tips to find a wooden stool that is just right for you.

How to Choose a Wooden Stool?


As with any furniture you buy for your home, start with measurements. Are you looking for a set of stools or just a pair? Or maybe even a single piece for a specific purpose? The first step is to figure out the height of the stool and the size of the seat that would suit your purpose. If you are looking for the perfect wooden stool for your dining room, then make sure the height of the stool matches with the dining table. If a person has to strain to get to their food while seated on the stool, it would be quite a bad idea! For a bar stool, you may need a taller model whereas if you are planning to put it as an end table, a shorter one might do.

The next step is to figure out where to put it. If it is something you are adding as a spare piece to use only when needed, look for a wooden stool that can easily be tucked under your dining table or kitchen table.


What is your primary purpose for buying a wooden stool for your home? If you mean for it to be used regularly for seating, then you can opt for the one with a comfortable seat like the classic wooden carved stool available on Woodsala. If it is being placed in your living or dining room, there are some pretty eye-catching models available there. If it is only a utility piece meant for the kitchen or bedrooms, go for the sleeker and more compact pieces. Woodsala also has low stools that can be used as footrests as also step stools and handy tall models.

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Some additional pointers

Kitchen islands: If you have space for an island in the kitchen, stools make a better seating arrangement than chairs as it will not take up too much space.

Bar Counters: If you have a bar counter, you will notice that it is generally placed much higher than your dining table or kitchen counters. Which is why bar stools are generally taller than other models and you specifically need to get barstools for use there.

Style: When choosing a wooden stool for your home/Office, looks matter as much as function! Stools can be 3-legged or 4-legged and come in a variety of styles from simple and rustic to modern and elegant.

Material: Nothing beats the utility and durability of a sturdy wooden stool. Woodsala also offers a range of stools with wooden seats and metallic base.

When buying a wooden stool online, be sure to look at the product description carefully, especially dimensions and material used. This is why it makes sense to buy from a reputed seller like Woodsala where you can be assured of the quality of the product you pay for. Woodsala’s range of stools offers the perfect balance between looks and utility that makes your wooden stool a valuable addition to your home.

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