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Article: Outdoor Furniture for Your Balcony – Get The Best Design Ideas

Outdoor Furniture for Your Balcony – Get The Best Design Ideas

Outdoor Furniture for Your Balcony – Get The Best Design Ideas

The first thing that probably comes to anyone’s mind when they say the word balcony is Shakespeare’s play, Romeo and Juliet. Juliet looks over the balcony and talks to Romeo. Maybe if she had better outdoor furniture for small balcony then she would have been able to invite Romeo to a balcony and enjoyed a cup of tea with him.

The play has proven that a balcony can be quite a romantic spot if not just dramatic. If you decorate it with some outdoor furniture, you could also spend more time in this area. The weather is also getting better. The warm summer, blooming flowers everywhere, you have every reason to step into your balcony and soak in some sun, if possible.

If you are looking for ways to decorate your balcony, we have some ideas on outdoor furniture for balcony that you can use. Read on and get inspired by the tips that we are about to share.

Let it Bloom

Having plants in your balcony is probably one of the easiest ways to decorate a balcony. However, instead of the conventional potted plants idea, how about you install wooden window boxes? You can grow the prettiest flowers in them and they will instantly beautify your balcony come springtime. A window box with full bloom has the ability to beautify a whole neighbourhood.

Living Room on the Balcony


Make Living Room on the Balcony

Most people who have been working from home understand what it is like to be stuck indoors. It is time to take things outside. If you have a big enough balcony, you can create a living room like arrangement on your balcony too. All you need is to find or buy outdoor furniture online and set it up on your balcony.

With a comfortable couch and a soft blanket accompanied by a coffee table,  a little mood lighting and scented candles, you will hardly want to sit indoors anymore. This set-up could make working from home a lot more interesting than sitting inside the house, devoid of the summer sun.

Eating Outside


We mentioned that you could create an outdoor living room on your balcony but you do not have to limit yourself to that idea. There is a lot more you could do. For instance, you could set up dining room outdoor furniture for balcony India and enjoy your meals al fresco.

You could then call your friends or family over and treat them to a meal on your balcony, which will be a change from the usual dining room area inside the house. If you live on a higher floor of your building, you can even enjoy the view as you enjoy your meal from the balcony.

Add Mirrors in Your Balcony


Mirrors have the ability to beautify a space by their mere presence. It is all about picking the right design. However, if someone told you that mirrors are only meant to be placed inside the house, do not believe them. It is a myth! You can even use them to beautify the balcony. It is not just about having best outdoor furniture for balcony.

If you are confused about how to design your balcony with mirrors, here is what you can do. Pick a beautiful wall mirror and place it in the middle of your balcony wall. You can also opt for mirrors and arrange them in a mosaic pattern. One thing is for sure, with a mirror on your balcony, you will want to spend a lot more time here, mostly to admire your reflection.

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Vintage Outdoor Furniture for Balcony

Vintage furniture is underrated. There are many benefits to it. They last long, they need little maintenance, they are comfortable and they add a lot of charm and sophistication to a space. So, why not use them for your balcony?

Outdoor Furniture for Balcony

You can consider adding a colonial cane chair that will surely transport you back in time and create a rather charming effect on your balcony. Another option is to use a distressed white chair with a cane back. It would look a lot more like patio furniture, which would be perfect for any balcony, big or small. If you wish to upgrade them in anyway, all you have to do is add throw pillows and they will look just as fresh the next season.

In addition, you don’t have to do much to maintain the look of this wooden outdoor furniture for balcony because they look most charming with the aged look.

A Cosy Private Space

If you want to create a cosy and private space for yourself, you can easily do that with a wooden partition. This will save you from your nosy neighbours checking up on you every day. They may be neighbours but why do they have to know what your routine looks like on a daily basis? So, include a room divider and it could be well considered as the best outdoor furniture for balcony.

It would also make for a great backdrop for a cosy space. All you got to do is add a nice bench against the partition, a chair and an ottoman. Throw some pillows on it and a blanket too. This would be the perfect place for you to enjoy your brunch on a holiday. To make this space more interesting, place lots of potted plants to add a sense of freshness to the space.

Get a Swing in the Balcony

Swing in the Balcony

A swing is one of the most underrated pieces of furniture you can include in your home. In fact, it is the perfect outdoor furniture for small apartment balcony. Many Indian homes actually include them in their homes but there is no better space than the balcony for it. You can add a few throw pillows to add colour or just place a bright coloured, soft blanket on its seat.

If you live in a high rise building, you can get back from work and go into a relax mode on this swing in your balcony while also enjoying the view. It would be a great place to hang out with your friends too as you have one of your gab sessions.

Some of the best outdoor furniture for balcony is the simplest one – a wooden stool. If you have a small balcony but like spending time there, place a small wooden bench and throw a soft, colourful throw on it. This furniture will not only save you space but could well end up being your favourite cosy corner. If you want to add more colours to this space then you could include a plant or two as well.

When you are having one of those moments when you just want to step out to think, this space would be your ideal thinking spot. The view from your balcony would be an added bonus while you are on the search for a perspective.

Every one of these ideas could work wonderfully for your balcony. You just need to make sure that the furniture you buy is the best quality furniture. If you have any trouble finding them, all you have to do is browse through our website Woodsala for some of the best outdoor furniture online. There are many options and you are bound to find something that will be just perfect for your home.

So, go on and make your balcony a special place for you to spend after a long day of work or to have a fun night with your family or friends. Make the most of the ideas listed above.

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