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Article: 15 Types of Wood Use to Craft Furniture in India

15 Types of Wood Use to Craft Furniture in India

15 Types of Wood Use to Craft Furniture in India

Wooden furniture has been popular in India since times immemorial. All kinds of furniture items are available in different kinds of woods in our country. Some of these woods are loved for their quality while others are preferred because of their cost-effective price. Yet others are popular owing to their overall appeal. It is important to choose the wood carefully to ensure that your wood furniture remains intact for a long time and renders a polished look.

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 Here is a look at the top 15 types of woods used to craft furniture in India:

1.Teak Wood

This variety of wood is known to be the best wood for furniture. Furniture made with teak wood is quite expensive however the money spent is totally worth it as the furniture remains in good condition for decades without the need to spend much time and money on its maintenance. It is highly fire resistant. White ants and dry rots are also not able to damage this wood. This makes it all the more popular. Rich brown in colour, the furniture made of this material looks appealing. 

If you are looking for superior quality furniture then you should certainly go for teak wood.

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2.Sal Wood

This wood is mainly found in the forests of Bihar, Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh. While many types of woods are easily destroyed by fungus, insects and ants, sal wood is resistant to all these. Beautiful frames, doors as well as small pieces of furniture are made using this wood. These items boast of strength and durability.

3.Rose Wood

Better known as Sheesham, this wood is mainly found in Kerala, Orissa and Tamil Nadu. It helps craft sturdy pieces of furniture because it is hard and tough to break. The furniture made with this wood has an attractive grain appearance. These qualities of rose wood also make it suitable for making musical instruments and show pieces.


This is a hard wood with rough surface. It is lightweight yet sturdy. Available in different colours including white, gold and gray, it can be used to make cabinets, drawers, tables and various other pieces of furniture. It is easy to paint and does not require high maintenance. Because of its strength and hardness, it is also used to make different kinds of tools.


Mostly found in Assam, Kerala and Bengal, Mahogany is known to be water resistant. Thus, it can be used to craft beautiful outdoor wooden furniture. It is also a good choice for places with humid climate. The pores in this wood quickly absorb the paint and give it a smooth and flawless look. It is used to create various types of furniture items as well as decorative pieces. Those of you looking for furniture pieces with a glossy finish can go for this.


Pine is a soft wood. This makes it easy to cut and carve. It is derived from different types of pine trees. Its light yellowish colour looks appealing and also camouflages minor stains. However, pine wood available from different trees may vary in colour to some extent. It also differs in terms of quality. It is suggested to go for wood furniture made with high quality pine to ensure they are reliable.

7.Satin Wood

This is also a widely used wood in India. It is known for being durable and sturdy. The durability and attractive glossy finish of this wood makes it stand out among the rest. Any minor imperfection in the furniture is easily covered by this wood. It is also quite easy to maintain. Polishing it from time to time helps keep it in good shape. These characteristics of satin wood make it an apt choice not only for furniture bur also for flooring.


Wood from the cherry tree is used to craft high end furniture. Dressing tables, night stands, dining tables and many other wooden furniture items are carved with this wood. It’s white, red and reddish brown shades render a unique look to the furniture. It also comes handy while making musical instruments and decorative items. However, it is comparatively quite expensive.


Deodar is loved mainly because it is robust and durable. It is considered to be one of the best woods for furniture. The fine quality close-grained wood is rot and water resistant and can be used to make different things. It is known to absorb colour effortlessly and render a polished look. This makes it ideal for making ornamental furniture. Owing to its strength, this wood is also ideal for creating heavy furniture pieces.

10.White Cedar

This type of wood is comparatively lighter than others. It is soft and has a uniform texture. Mainly exported from Malaysia, it is largely used to prepare furniture items such as cabinets, shoe racks and chests. Many other kinds of small wooden furniture items are also prepared using white cedar. Also known as Marandi, it is resistant to termites which give it strength and durability.


Ornamental pieces of furniture and show pieces are best made with Mulberry wood. Even though it looks delicate, this wood is quite tough. It also boasts of elasticity which makes it easy to carve and create beautiful pieces of furniture such as drawers and cabinets. Things prepared using mulberry wood are known for their fine finish and artistic look.


Mostly found in Karnataka, Maharashtra, Kerala and Tamil Nadu, Jackwood is known for its even-grained look that offers it a fine finish. This wood is easy to carve and it used to make furniture as well as various other things. Jackwood is especially a good choice for creating musical instruments.

13.Douglas Fir

Fir is used to make different kinds of furniture pieces. The wood is hard and is thus known for crafting robust pieces of furniture. It is resistant to rots and insects. Thus, the things made with Douglas fir are durable and reliable.


If you are looking for an economical yet reliable option then birch can be a good choice for you. You will be able to lay hands at different varieties of birch wood including yellow birch, black birch and white birch. It is tightly grained and renders a uniform appeal. It is used to prepare different types of furniture items, toys as well as well flooring.


Found in Mahatashtra, Orissa, Assam and Uttar Pradesh, this type of wood is known as Tali in certain regions of the country. It renders a good finish and is known for its strength and durability. The wood is easy to mould and can thus be shaped into different types of furniture pieces and decorative items. Easy to polish, this wood can be used to create furniture in different colours.

In conclusion

We hope this exhaustive list gives you a clear idea about different types of woods used to prepare furniture in India. Various brands including Woodsala provide furniture items made with various kinds of woods mentioned here. You can choose from the wide variety of wood furniture  available in their store. You may even select a wood of your choice and get a furniture piece custom-made from them. The information shared here can be used as a guide for choosing wood for different furniture items in your home.

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