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Article: Which Wood is Best for Furniture - The Ultimate Guide

Which Wood is Best for Furniture

Which Wood is Best for Furniture - The Ultimate Guide

The first thing you think about once you move into a new home is the furniture. It is an important element for your home. Be it traditional or modern, the kind of furniture you pick gives your home its unique look. If you are looking for something that will last for a long time then you should definitely consider buying wooden furniture. This is because it is reliable and will stand the test of time.

However, there are different kinds of wood that are suitable for creating furniture. How many types of wood do you know about? Let us make this job easy for you. We have created a list of which wood is best for furniture and their respective advantages. Take a look.

1. Teak Wood

To answer the question of which wood is best for furniture in India the answer is usually teak wood. It is often considered the best kind of wood in this country to make home or office furniture. One of the reasons is that it is durable and fire-resistant. It is also one of the most expensive types of wood in this nation.

Teak wood looks incredibly attractive after it is polished and is not affected by dry rots or white ants. This wood doesn’t shrink a lot and doesn’t corrode the metal fastenings. It can be found in the southern and central parts of India.

The furniture made from this wood has great aesthetic appeal. It feels smooth when you touch it and its brown colour looks a lot better than the other wood types that are made from particle boards or plywood. They also last for about a century. It is free from damage when you are shifting homes or if there is any water leakage. Due to the wood’s high density, it is resistant to decay and rot. This means that this wood will stay in good shape for a long time.

Are you wondering which wood is best for outdoor furniture? Teak wood also has good tensile strength as well as tight grain. This makes the wood durable and weather resistant. As a result, teak wood is often used for building boats and other outdoor furniture.

2. Rosewood

Rosewood is close-grained and tough. This wood manages to maintain its shape well and is often available in huge sizes. You may have often heard about this wood being used to build cabinets or make ornamental carvings. This wood has others names too, some of them include Indian rosewood and sheesham. You can find it growing in Karnataka, Kerala, Odisha and Tamil Nadu. This wood is also an answer to the question of which is the best wood for furniture in India.

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Rosewood is tough and hard. It has a high bending and crushing strength. It offers stability to all the furniture that is carved from it. Rosewood may be an answer to which wood is best for furniture but it is also considered to be the most beautiful looking. Many decorative items are made from this wood. Cabinets, mathematical instruments like rulers, musical instruments like violins, etc. are often carved from rosewood seeing how beautiful they look. Apart from musical instruments, rosewood is also used to make bedroom and kitchen cabinets, dining room sets, and other carvings, all thanks to its beauty and sturdiness.

3. Satinwood


Satinwood is durable and robust. It has a glossy finish which makes the wood quite attractive. This wood can be found in the southern and central India. It is also another wood which is the best quality wood for furniture making in this country. There are many advantages of using this wood.

Satinwood is easy to take care of. It gives a clean finish and can conceal minor imperfections. This wood is perfect for flooring and won’t need to be cleaned everyday. The wood also requires little maintenance. You make have to get it polished regularly but it will not need maintenance on a daily bases. Once you have polished its surfaces, it can stay attractive for long durations. Another reason why satinwood falls in the list of which solid wood is best for furniture is because of its durability. In addition, it is also used for manufacturing decorative pieces of furniture.

4. Sal Wood

Sal wood is mainly found in Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh. Its tensile strength as well as durability has made it a rather popular option for creating flooring and musical instruments. This wood, which is best wood for furniture, wooden frames and wooden beams, is quite durable. It is resistant to white ants, fungus and insects. You can almost say that it is immune to rot and decay.

The strength of sal wood is what makes it a favourite for providing support and strength. This wood is used for creating piles, wooden frames and doors. And if you are wondering which wood is best for making furniture that are much smaller in size, your answer is sal wood.

5. White Cedar

White cedar or Marandi wood is not prone to being affected by termites or decay. They can be used to build wooden accessories. This wood is not found in India but imported from the nearby nation of Malaysia. It is a little lighter than the wood types. One of the main advantages of this wood and why it features on the list of which type of wood is best for furniture it’s impervious to decay, termites and other insects. In addition, its texture is rather good and uniform, what with it being soft and light.

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White cedar is also beautiful to look at in the finished product version and requires little maintenance. So, if you are wondering which is best wood for home furniture then you should know that white cedar is used for creating wooden accessories such as chests, drawers, shoe racks, trunks, and many other decorative furniture pieces.

6. Mahogany

Mahagony stays durable even when it is underwater. It takes on a rather deep colour once it has been polished. This wood can be found in Assam, Bengal, and Kerala. Mahogany has a glossy finish. This means that the wood’s pores absorb the paint well enough to give it a glossy finish. Another advantage of this wood, which is best wood for furniture in India, is that it does not decay underwater. So, if you have a house by the sea, lake or river, you can consider having furniture built from mahogany. They are durable. It is one of the finest woods so it can be easily sculpted. This wood is usually used to make furniture, cabinets, and interesting patterns on decorative art pieces.

7. Deodar

Deodar is a sturdy and rot-resistant wood. It is close-grained so when you give it a deep polish, it will have a neat and good finish. This wood is found in Uttar Pradesh and Punjab. This wood, which wood is the best for furniture as well, is sturdy and long-lasting. Its durability has made it a popular choice. However, it is really its rot resistance that makes it a hero.

This wood is not prone to decay due to water or insects, and so has a much longer shelf life. Deodar absorbs colours well making it ideal for creating furniture and ornate objects. Back in the day, this wood was used for landscaping and to build temples. Today, deodar, which is the best wood for furniture in India, is being used to build packing boxes, railway sleepers, railway carriages and other furniture.

In conclusion

As a home buyer or owner, you may ask why you need to buy wooden furniture when there are so many stylish, modern and sleek alternatives. A lot of these products are cheaper too. The answer to this question is that furniture made from wood is much more durable and long-lasting. It has a regal appeal. Teak wood, which type of wood is best for furniture, in addition to other wood types like mahogany, deodar, white cedar, etc. mentioned above are all ideal for crafting furniture of any kind.

If you have any trouble understanding which type of furniture would suit your needs best, you can always get in touch with us. You can also peruse our website, Woodsala, and go through the many wooden furniture pieces to find something that suits your tastes. Our skilled artisans have created pieces that have intricate designs on them, which displayed their craftsmanship.

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