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Article: 5 Benefits of Choosing Teak Wood Furniture

5 Benefits of Choosing Teak Wood Furniture

5 Benefits of Choosing Teak Wood Furniture

When you’re deciding on what kind of furniture you want to deck your new house with, the debate of which wood may come up. Even though there might not be a definite answer, there are some wood types that make them a desirable raw material for furniture making. One such wood type is teak wood. The dense, close grained hardwood is mainly from southern parts of Asia. The wood is golden, and has a smooth texture. Due to the many benefits of teak wood, it is high in demand and as is the economical rule, higher the demand, higher the price. One of the more luxurious woods to get your hands on, teak wood is used for both indoors and outdoor furniture. Here are all the reasons why teak wood furniture is the best for your house!

It is Strong!

One of the biggest factors while choosing your furniture is to check its durability. A lot of wooden furniture breaks easily due to wear and tear or even due to water exposure. If you have kids running around the house, or pets jumping on every surface available, you want furniture that is able to withstand their jumping. Teak wood benefits include its durability and strength. The wood is obtained from a mature teak tree. It has a dense core structure, due to which it has great strength!

It is Weather-Proof

When looking for outdoor and sometimes indoor furniture, it is important to concentrate on how the changing weather conditions can affect the wood. Especially when you are looking for outdoor furniture like patio chairs and tables, choosing furniture that can get through everything from water to sun without getting damaged is a must. Teak wood furniture emulates the benefits of the teak tree which has natural waterproofing abilities. This makes the wood moisture resistant and it means that you don’t have to store your outdoor furniture into the storage during monsoon seasons. The wood also doesn’t expand due to humidity, hence is less likely to form cracks on its surface, ruining the furniture of its beauty.

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It Looks Beautiful

The more beautiful a wood looks, the more amazing the furniture made out of it would look. Few of the best wood types are maple, mahogany, oak and, of course, teak wood. Teak is golden in colour and has straight, tight grain patterns. The natural golden-brown ages beautifully and only gets more stunning as it ages. As compared to many of its other alternatives, teak wood furnitures’ advantages are that it only enhances the decor of a house with its beautiful looks. The wood is not only beautifully natural but can also be customised.

You can varnish or paint the furniture as your heart desires or in a way that it perfectly matches the rest of your decor. The frame or structure also becomes a great surface to carve on, and carpenters and woodworkers find it easy to work on it. As it doesn’t chip off easily, delicate designs are also easily possible!

It is Termite and Rust-Free

Furniture made from teak lasts for a long time. The fact that it is a strong hardwood, as well isn’t affected by weather either hot, cold or wet contributes to its durability. It also isn’t easily affected by other factors. Termites can be very damaging to wooden furniture as they eat away at the wood from the inside, leading to heavy decay and eventual collapse of the entire thing. Teak wood furniture products have natural oil in them courtesy of their mother tree hence are resistant to termite attacks. 

Another advantage is that teak wood furniture is rust-free. Some other metals might rust when they come in contact with metal and start to deteriorate. However, teak remains perfectly together throughout, which is a great factor when choosing it for outdoor furniture which usually has a lot of metal. These factors, coupled with the above mentioned ones, ensure that the wood lasts for a long time.

It is Easy to Maintain

Teak wood benefits include the fact that it is low maintenance. Nobody wants furniture that will take all their time up in keeping it clean, and ensuring that it hasn’t started decaying. Due to the fact that it’s strong and resistant to problems that usually plague various woods, you don’t need to keep a constant eye on it, or keep moving it for the fear of it spoiling. Teak wood furnitures’ advantages also include its easy cleaning process. Mostly, you can just wipe down this wooden furniture with a lint-free cloth. Just like that, you can get rid of all the dust and dirt that settles on its surface.

Teak wood furniture is a bit pricey, but in the long run is the wiser and better choice. Taking in consideration the low maintenance and long-lasting quality, teak wood is worth the price. This type of wood can be used to build various furniture pieces like tables, dining sets, chaise loungers, umbrellas, benches, etc. Most teak wood is also sustainably produced and hence is the conscious choice to make. Being environmentally aware and hence making sustainable choices can have a large impact in the long run. If you’re looking for a variety of teak wood kitchen products, you can visit us and browse through our extensive catalogue of furniture, where we have something for every room of your house.

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