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Article: Top 10 Dressing Table Design Ideas You Must Know

Top 10 Dressing Table Design Ideas You Must Know

Top 10 Dressing Table Design Ideas You Must Know

You will find a wide variety in the market when it comes to dressing tables. There are so many design options to choose from that it often gets difficult to decide which one to go for. If you have been planning to purchase a dressing table but are tired of browsing through the numerous available dressing table design options then this piece of writing should help drill down your search. We have compiled a list of 10 dressing table new design ideas that fit different requirements. Read on to find out:

1.Simple Dressing Table Design

A simple dressing table with a few drawers and a built-in cabinet to store your skin-care, hair care and make-up products is a good choice. It goes with all kinds of decors and comes well within budget. Moreover, a simple dressing table is also easy to clean and maintain.

2.Sleek Wall Mount Dressing Table


If you are looking for modern dressing table designs for small room then this is the best option for you. A sleek wall mount dressing table with a small shelf to accommodate essential beauty products is just what you need for your small bed room.

3.Dressing Table with a Good Storage Capacity

A dressing table with a good storage space helps accommodate all your beauty products systematically. It is an ideal choice for those who love stocking up and using a variety of these products. Placing them systematically will offer the ease of access and thus help you accomplish the task easily and quickly.

4.Wall Mount Dressing Table with Cabinet

A wall mount dressing table with a built-in cabinet is another great choice for houses with space constraint. This is one of the most loved modern dressing table designs for small rooms mainly because it accommodates all your essential stuff appropriately without taking up much of your space.

5.Industrial Style Dressing Table

An industrial style dressing table is made of two or more materials. This type of design stands out. You will find these types of dressing tables online. You can choose from the various available options or get it custom-made as per your specific choice. Many brands such as Woodsala  make dressing tables on order as per the exact requirement of the customers.

6.Dressing Table in Pastel Shades

Dressing tables in pastel shades are a good choice for those of you who love unique pieces of furniture but want to keep it subtle at the same time. You will get wooden dressing tables in different pastel shades such as sky blue, light green, baby pink and more. You can look for such dressing tables online.

7.Dressing Tables with Stool


If you have enough space then a dressing table with stool can be the best option for you. After all, you require something to sit comfortably while doing your make-up, hair style and even basic face clean-up. Look for one in a colour and design that matches the ambience of your room.

8.Dressing Table in a Royal Design

A dressing table in a royal design looks exceptionally beautiful. It can instantly enhance the ambience of your room. This dressing table new design is particularly appropriate for big rooms. If you are a fan of ornamental furniture that renders a majestic look then this one should match your taste.

9.Wardrobe with Dressing Table Design

This is a smart idea especially for modern houses with space constraint. Many flat dwellers go for beautifully designed wardrobes with dressing tables. You can go for a basic one or even one with ornamental designs in different colours.

10.Walk in Closet with Vanity Unit

If you have enough space and budget then you can go for a walk-in closet with a well placed dressing table. This dressing table new design can be simple or elaborate based on your choice. It is best to get it customized as per your requirement.

In conclusion

We hope this list of design ideas helps you find a dressing table that matches your need. However, the design should not be your prime focus while purchasing a dressing table. You must also assess its quality. It is recommended to go for a dressing table made with high quality wood such as the ones available on Woodsala. These are sturdy, durable and render a prim look. Don’t forget to tell us which type of dressing table you finally decided to go for.

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