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Article: Top Wooden Dressing Table Designs to Beautify Your Bedroom

Top Wooden Dressing Table Designs to Beautify Your Bedroom

Top Wooden Dressing Table Designs to Beautify Your Bedroom

A home becomes truly complete and appealing when you choose every piece of furniture with care. And that goes for something as simple as a dressing table too. Dressing table designs go a long way in determining how functional and aesthetic your bedroom will be. They should not only help you to get ready every day with ease, but also help organise essentials and go well with the bed, bedside tables and any other furniture items you might have. Plus, if you want something that adds warmth and lasts long, going for a dressing table carved in wood makes the most sense. So, here are the top designs we have picked for you. Take a look.     

1) Simple and Dark with Double Drawers

This is one those wooden dressing table designs that can go well with a modern and minimalistic bedroom. Made of premium quality dark wood, this dresser can be hung against a wall that is painted in a sober hue like white, cream or a pastel shade. The mirror is perfect for all those hurried makeup sessions, and the drawers can be used to stash away cosmetics and trinkets. This dressing unit will complement a neat bed with straight lines and contemporary chairs.

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2) Colonial Beauty with a Single Drawer

If you are looking for dressing table designs that are not only functional, but also classy, go for this colonial one. Intricately carved and crafted with solid wood, this elegant dresser comes with a canopy-style structure and sleek columns. An open shelf and a single big drawer allow you to organize your personal care items with ease. Since you can hang it up against a wall, this dresser saves precious floor area. You can add it to a bedroom that has a regal bed, a gorgeous carpet and a few old-world paintings with elaborate frames. 

3) Elegant with a Single Drawer and Open Shelf

When it comes to wooden dressing table designs that never get old, this one takes the cake. Simple yet timeless, this solid wooden dresser boasts gently curving lines at the top and the bottom. Made of a wood that is neither too light nor too dark, this charming dresser is both practical and will complete the look of your bedroom. It features one drawer and a bigger open shelf for storing odds and ends and makeup products. This wall-friendly dressing unit is just what you need in a room that has traditional furniture, maybe a curvy bed or a beautifully carved cupboard. 

4) White and Sleek with Multiple Drawers

Add a hint of glamour to your bedroom with this tall dressing unit painted in white. Crafted with top quality wood, it has a mirror that lets you admire yourself in the best way possible before heading out. Four compact drawers and a large one offer tons of storage space for your personal care items, jewellery, and fashion accessories. You won’t have to hunt for anything anymore while getting ready for work or a party. The curved metallic handles take the overall look of the dressing table to a whole new level.

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Tips for Dressing table Designs so that you Can Choose one Easily

Before picking a dressing table, do keep the following pointers in mind for aesthetics and functionality:

  • Choose a colour that contrasts you walls to make a well-defined statement in a big bedroom. For a small bedroom, you can choose a colour that complements the walls, to create a feeling of spaciousness.
  • Keep the size and style of the other furniture pieces in mind before picking a dresser. The overall look should be soothing and cohesive.
  • Make sure the quality of wood is good and reliable, so that it can last long and give you your money’s worth. Try and get a certification if possible.
  • Always check the number of drawers or shelves a dressing table comes with, to make sure it meets your storage needs.

So, are you ready to give your bedroom a bit of glam touch-up that is practical as well? Keep the dressing table designs we discussed here in mind as well as the tips for choosing one. And always go for a trusted manufacturer so that you don’t need to worry about the quality.

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