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Article: Baby Cradle Decoration Ideas 2022

Baby Cradle Decoration Ideas 2022

Baby Cradle Decoration Ideas 2022

Welcoming a baby home is one of the most precious moments in a parent's life. A mother, especially, cares for a baby for nine long months in her womb until she finally gets to see the baby's face. It is a long yet fulfilling journey. This arrival brings happiness not just to the parents but to the whole family.

So, it is only natural that parents feel the urge to treat this new member of the family in the best way possible as they introduce it to the world through a grand ceremony. This usually happens through a naming ceremony. And, on such a special occasion there are a million things to organise. Among them is buying a wooden cradle for babies, decorating it and deciding on a theme. Yes, we are talking about a party.

If you are searching for baby cradle decoration ideas, then look no further. We have you covered with a list of our own ideas for this very occasion. So, keep calm and read on.   

A Jungle Theme Baby Cradle

Pick four of your favourite animals and cut silhouettes of them. The lion, elephant, tiger, giraffe, moneys and bear are popular choices. It could also be characters from The Jungle Book. Once you are done making cut-outs, the next step is to stick them as baby cradle decoration, on all four sides of the crib. You can also buy a jungle-themed crib mobile to hang over the cradle.

Place two little plants at the foot of the cradle to complete the jungle theme. They could represent trees of a forest. You could also place some animal figurines that are tall in nature, like a giraffe or an elephant, near the pots to make it look like they are grazing on it.

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Fairy Theme for Baby Cradle

Your little kid is no less than a fairy. So, you can create a dreamland that looks like it just stepped out of a fairy-tale. You can decorate the cradle for babies with flowers that are white. They do not necessarily have to be roses like the ones mentioned in the Beauty and the Beast story, where Belle asks her father to bring her white roses. You could choose any white flowers that look fresh and pretty - tulips, carnations, lilies, etc.

Illuminate the space with fairy lights by wrapping them around the cradle. It is a great way to light up the space while your little one becomes the centre of attention. You can even dress up you baby like a fairy, a prince or a princess to complete the theme. This is usually the most preferred cradle decoration for baby girl or boy.

Baby Cradle Vrindavan Theme

If you are religiously inclined then you can think about creating a mini Vrindavan for your little 'Kanha' with this baby cradle decoration idea. This is a rather emotional option but not impossible. You can decorate the top of the cradle with peacock feathers and embellish one of its corners with a flute. The baby would, of course, be dressed as Krishna. This would make the photo session much more interesting.

If you have purchased a wooden baby jhula then you can even have people take turns swaying the baby as they give their blessings for the child’s long life. As the ceremony goes on, your baby will be rocked to sleep.  

Baby Cradle Royalty Theme

Canopy beds are not just meant for adults, you can create a canopy-like setting for your little one too. This will seem like the baby is residing in a palace and getting ready to run his or her own kingdom someday. Here are some details on how to make this baby cradle decoration idea a possibility and adorably so.

Choose from the many wooden baby cradle designs available online. If you are having trouble finding one then you can browse through our website Woodsala. You will surely be able to find something that will be just perfect for your baby. A wooden cradle will give a feel of sophistication. Add a chandelier to the room and royal carpets below the cradle. The canopy hanging over the crib will be the final touch for the entire theme. It would feel like your little prince or princess is just waking up from their royal sleep.  

Unicorn Theme Baby Cradle

Unicorns may be imaginary creatures but the idea of them is always bridled with happy thoughts, hope and adventures. So, there is no reason why you should not consider this baby cradle decoration theme for your tiny tot’s introduction to the world.

wooden baby cradle designs

You can start with buying unicorn-shaped pillows for the baby’s crib. The blanket covering the baby can be rainbow-coloured. You could also place unicorn-themed stickers over the cradle to make it more theme-appropriate. Do not forget to add a unicorn crib mobile as part of this baby cradle decoration idea. Your baby can look up at it and fall asleep to have sweet dreams and eventually wake up feeling refreshed.

Our hope is that these cradle decoration ideas have helped you choose something that would make your baby’s naming ceremony special. Go on and make you choice and click loads of pictures during the ceremony. You can then create a video of it all and show it to your kid when they grow up. For all you know, that would turn out to be a real bonding moment for you or an embarrassing moment to tease them with. Nevertheless, they will surely be grateful that you went through the many baby cradle decoration ideas to make their introduction to the world a special one.

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