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Article: 7 Tips to Keep in Mind while Buying a Wooden Stool

7 Tips to Keep in Mind while Buying a Wooden Stool

7 Tips to Keep in Mind while Buying a Wooden Stool

A stool is a perfect furniture piece that can easily fit in all types of interiors. Not only it offers a comfortable seating option but also saves a lot of space in the house. You can find a wide range of metallic and wooden stools, both online and at physical furniture stores. Wooden stools, however, look more elegant and render a comfortable vibe. So, wondering what to consider before buying a wooden stool? Here are some wooden stool buying tips:

  1. Height – The first thing to keep in mind before buying a wooden stool is its height. It depends on the space and comfort you are looking at. The height of a stool can vary from 13 inches to 34 inches and you can select one depending on your requirement. If you are aiming for a traditional look in the living area, go for low-height stools. If you have a raised dining area or a kitchen counter, you may opt for medium to high-seated stools.

  2. Back or backless, arms or armless - If you want to use a stool for a prolonged period such as in a game room or a dining room, consider buying a stool with a back and arms. It not only increases comfort but also helps in decreasing the stress on the back. However, if you are looking for occasional extra seating, you may go for an armless and a backless stool. This style is in particular suitable for smaller floor space.

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  3. Adjustable – Adjustable stools can offer a lot of ease and convenience. There is no limit to using such stools at only one place or just for one purpose. Whether you are looking for a seating option for the raised kitchen counter or adding comfortable extra seating to the living room or bedroom, you can simply adjust the height of the stool. Adjustable wooden stools work on the swivel mechanism that helps to raise or lower the seat.

  4. Price – Another important tip to consider while buying a wooden stool is the price. Do not forget to browse through options and look for discounts before making the purchase.

  5. Matching wood finish –Looking for a wooden stool for your home? Consider matching its finish to the rest of the furniture. It will render a uniform look to the entire setup. Alternately, you can also go for a lighter or a darker finish for a contrasting look.

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  6. Upholstery – There are dozens of fabrics such as linen, velvet, cotton or leatherette that can match any particular style of a wooden stool. The upholstery fabric can be a deciding factor for the overall look and comfort of a stool. You can also choose a fabric that matches the rest of the furniture, or may go for contrasting fabrics.

  7. The number of stools required – Once you are thorough about the dimensions, it is wise to figure out the number of stools you may require. Make sure there is enough space for everyone to comfortably sit, eat and move when you add stools. Stools, nowadays, are as essential as other furniture pieces. These can amp up the look of your dining area or the kitchen counter and make space look more comfortable.

You can use wooden stools in any part of the house. In addition to providing comfortable seating space, wooden stools can also uplift the overall aesthetics of your home.

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