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Article: Modern Wooden Table Designs That Can Elevate the Look of Your Home

Modern Wooden Table Designs That Can Elevate the Look of Your Home

Modern Wooden Table Designs That Can Elevate the Look of Your Home

Are you an admirer of modern design in home interiors? As opposed to contemporary that refers to the “here and now”, modern is a style that was once contemporary – during the ’50s and 60’s – and represented a sharp change from sensibilities that had prevailed just before those times. It was a reaction against the extensive ornamentation of the times and stood for sleek, minimal and practical. If modern is what you crave in your furniture, here are some fantastic modern wooden table designs that are sure to delight you.

Compact Dining Table

Clean lines and high utility are defining features of the modern style. In that regard, the compact dining table from Woodsala is a perfect example. The compact square table is designed in such a way that the chairs fit neatly around the sides, hardly taking up any space when not in use. This is a fantastic wooden table that you would be proud to own and show off.

Metal and Teak Folding table

This is a design that gives you the freedom to fold and put away your dining table when not in use, freeing up valuable space. You could even keep one to bring out when you have more guests than your dining table can accommodate.

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Framing Multipurpose Writing Table

Simple linear designs have a beauty that is quite unmatchable! The Framing Multipurpose Writing Table from Woodsala is a great example of this style. It is a modern wooden table design that is high in utility value as well as aesthetics.

Hexagonal Metallic Coffee Table

The combination of metal and wood is another outstanding feature of modern furniture design. Geometric shapes in metal result in eye-catching table designs. A hexagonal metal base for a wooden side table is one of the great modern designs you can incorporate into your home.

Director’s Legs Wooden Table

The Director’s Legs or X-shaped legs are a popular feature of mid-century furniture. It is a quirky but handy design and would look great as a centre table. The light wood colour is a highlight of this style and gives it both a retro as well as a modern vibe.

Sleek Coffee table

Slim and straight lines, compact size and the added feature of drawers for storage make this a great example of modern wooden table design. A perfect combination of style and utility, this is a table that will be ideal for displaying curios or your travel souvenirs in addition to organising your newspapers and magazines.

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Console Tables

If there is one kind of table that best represents the modern aesthetic, it is the console table. Minimal and practical are the highlights of this piece of furniture. Don’t limit your imagination to putting console tables to work as TV holders or artwork mantels. A wall-mounted console table can even be your ideal home office table.

Retro Coffee Table

You may be surprised to see the words modern and retro in the same sentence but in table design, retro is quite modern! Thin legs, storage room for your newspapers or book, a glass top and an overall compact design are the highlights of this table whose design simply spells modern. This style can even take pride of place as the accent piece in your living room. A single flower in a crystal vase is all the wooden table decoration you will ever need.

To wrap up, tables are the most functional pieces of furniture in a home. But who says they can’t be fun? With the right mix of utility and design, you can impart a quirky element to your home décor. The right table design can make a world of difference between dull and cheerful. So perk up your interiors with a modern table design right away!

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