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Things to Consider Before Buying a Wooden Centre Table Online

Things to Consider Before Buying a Wooden Centre Table Online

It’s the furniture must have of the modern era. The coffee table, or the centre table, holds importance right after the sofa in the scheme of things of living room décor items. Even though there has been a flood of varieties and styles in the market, a wooden centre table still holds its charm and elegance as a central piece of living room décor. But do you find one that fits your space, is sturdy enough to become the catchall for items, and blends in aesthetically with the rest of your living room setting?

Here are some tips to help you choose the right centre table online:-

  1. Choose the right size– While choosing the centre table, you don’t just have to keep in mind the size of the table but also the dimensions of your living room area, the space available, the kind of sofa you have etc. You have to choose just the right size that serves its purpose and also leaves enough space for people to walk or move around. After all you don’t want a table which blocks movement.
  2. Utility –How many members are there in the house, do you entertain guests often? If you use your centre table to serve snacks and beverages, make sure it is placed in such a way or the shape is such that is easily accessible by everyone on the sofa.
  3. Keep in mind your living room Sofa –Ideally there should be enough distance between the centre table and sofa for you to stretch your legs, rest your feet and reach out for things on the table. Also your sofa type will determine what shape your centre table should be. If you have an L-shaped sofa a rectangular table is advisable, similarly if you have a smaller sofa set, you can go for a round-shaped table too. An important thing while buying a centre table is that the centre table height should be slightly lower than the sofa for easy access. So next time you’re buying a centre table online, keep your sofa dimensions handy.
  4. Shape –Centre tables are commonly available in rectangle, square or round shapes. However, depending on your sofa and your living room area, you can also go for a oval-shaped table to break the monotony.
  5. Consider your Style- If you have a traditional living room set-up with vintage furniture, go for centre tables made of solid wood with carvings. On the other hand, a plain centre table with glass top or plain wooden tables with storage decks are perfect for a contemporary set up.
  6. Place to stash magazines/Newspapers –If you often find your centre table littered with newspapers, comics or magazines, its best to go for a centre table with some storage in the form of footboard underneath or maybe a modern layered design with decks where you can stash away newspapers or store tissue papers when entertaining guests over coffee.
  7. Think about the Material –When it comes to the material, think carefully. Solid wood is expensive yet offers stability and durability. Centre tables with wrought iron frame are trendy while at the same time glass tops are easy to clean and maintain. Weigh your options carefully before investing. In case you plan to buy a table made of solid wood online, make sure you have all the information regarding the type of wood, maintenance tips etc.

With these seven easy tips, you’re sure to find something matches your space and suit your aesthetics perfectly.