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Article: How to Repair Wooden Doors On Your Own? Here Are Some Expert Hacks

How to Repair Wooden Doors On Your Own? Here Are Some Expert Hacks

How to Repair Wooden Doors On Your Own? Here Are Some Expert Hacks

Wooden doors go through a lot of action; they may shrink or swell depending on all the pulling, pushing, slamming, and weather changes and so on. Unlike other household items, you usually do not replace wooden doors at frequent intervals even when they undergo wear and tear. However, repairs are at times necessary. And if you know certain tricks, you may not have to call in carpenters or other experts for wooden door repairing. Read on to know about some common issues you may be experiencing with your doors and some easy hacks to fix them.

  1. Swollen wood–One of the most common problems you may face is swollen wood, which might hinder your door from closing properly. Wooden doors are vulnerable to weather changes. Too much heat and humidity may cause the doors to swell up as wood absorbs moisture. On the other hand, cold air during the winter season may cause the wooden doors to shrink. You can fix this wooden door problem by applying weather proof paint or polish on them. This way, the doors won’t get damaged due to any changes in the weather. The wooden polish forms a protective coating on the door, thus preventing any weather related damage to reach the wooden surface.

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  2. Squeaky hinges -Door hinges are prone to squeaking. A squeaking door is a common problem you may face with wooden The easiest way to quiet down the noise is by applying some lubricating oil on the door hinge. This hack usually fixes the squeaking problem right away. Common bar soaps and petroleum jelly are even better choices to fix wooden doors with shrieking hinges, without making a greasy mess.

  3. Sliding door is not gliding smoothly –You may find it difficult to open and shut your sliding wooden door over time. It may be easy to fix this problem with a simple cleaning hack. You can try vacuuming the tracks or even use a toothbrush for deep cleaning. The door will start sliding smoothly again. Sometimes, the rollers may need some adjustment, and so you can try raising the door slightly.

  4. Loose hinges –It is not uncommon to encounter a door that does not close properly. This problem occurs mainly due to loose hinges, allowing the door to move around in place. The nut and screws on a hinge may become loose over a period of time and may start to work freely. This causes a door not to close properly. To repair wooden doors like these, simply tighten the screws.

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  5. Sticky door – A sticky wooden door is a common problem that is easy to repair, but somehow you never get to do it. Several reasons could cause a door to stick. The door hinges may be loosening from the frame, pieces of debris may collect at the base of the door, or doors may develop cracks due to wear and tear over a period of time. Most of the time, you can repair wooden doors like these by tightening the hinge screws or clearing the debris.

  6. Hairline cracks on the door – Wondering how to repair a cracked wooden door? Wooden doors may dry out and develop hairline cracks due to wear and tear. Such cracks are easy to fix at home. One can use a crafty tape or wood putty and apply it along the hairline crack. You can also use a toothpick to apply the wood putty to push it deeper into the cracks.

So, now you know how to repair wooden doors that face the above common problems. Though wooden doors are usually durable, time and rough usage can lead to some issues. However, with the above mentioned hacks, you can fix most of them on your own. If problems continue to persist, you can consider investing in a new, solid wooden door get professional assistance.

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