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Article: 8 Easy and Beautiful DIY Decoration Ideas for Your Bedroom

8 Easy and Beautiful DIY Decoration Ideas for Your Bedroom

8 Easy and Beautiful DIY Decoration Ideas for Your Bedroom

Your bedroom should ideally be a tranquil personal space where you can not only curl up for a good sleep, but also read a book, dream, or just feel at ease. So, it is important to make the space organized, comfy and beautiful. Whether you want to redecorate your old bedroom or you have moved to a new place with a brand new bedroom, you can transform it with these beautiful and simple bedroom decorating ideas.

  1. Accent pillows – The easiest way to lift the mood and vibe of a bedroom is to find some accent pillows. Choose a fabric design and a photo, quote or any pattern to be highlighted and make those pillows your own.

  2. Washi tape picture frames – Photos can instantly liven up a bedroom’s wall decor. There is nothing better than decorating a bedroom wall with your favourite photos. You can create your own personalised photo frames using washi tape. All you need is some pictures, scissors and washi tape that comes in different colours and designs and is easily available in any art and craft store.

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  3. Perfume bottle top hooks – Perfume bottle caps make for some really interesting wall hooks and are among the top bedroom decoration ideas. Arrange these hook accessories in neat rows and create a functional wall design for your bedroom. So, the next time you discard an empty perfume bottle, spare the cap. To make these interesting hooks, you will also need some cork, which you will easily get from empty wine bottles. All you need to do is cut a cork as per the shape of a perfume bottle cap. Then screw it on the wall and place the cap on the top. You can hang your coats on them or anything else you like.

  4. Pressed flowers - Add some colour and natural element to your bedroom with pressed flower frames. You can choose your favourite flowers, try pressing them on a parchment paper and get them framed. This is one the simplest and beautiful bedroom decoration ideas that you can do yourself.

  5. Two-toned furniture – You may not want to discard your old wooden furniture yet, but are probably looking to add some unique style to your personal space. So, find a furniture item like a side table or a night stand and paint it with contrasting colours. It will not only add texture to your furniture, but also lend a chic quotient to your overall bedroom aesthetics.

  6. Mason glow jars – If you are looking for magical bedroom decoration ideas, go for glow jars. These are super easy to make with just two items; a mason jar and a string of fairy lights. Not only is this décor idea easy on the pocket, but it also looks super attractive.

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  7. Spray paint the dressing mirror – Bored of the same old mirror in your bedroom? You can revamp its look by using some spray paint in any colour of your choice. Take out the mirror, and then cover the frame with a newspaper and painter tape. Sand the frame next and apply a few coats of spray paint on it. And there you go.

  8. Headboard – A headboard is usually the main attraction or focal point of a bedroom. And you can introduce a hint of uniqueness by using a large chalkboard behind a wooden bed as headboard. Not only will it make for a unique wall design, but one can also write anything with chalk on this headboard, like reminders, inspiring ideas or even love notes, if you share the room with your partner.

So, update your bedroom décor with these easy bedroom decoration ideas to create a relaxing retreat. Not only are these ideas easy to follow and implement, but they are also inexpensive and creative.

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