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Article: Budget Ideas to Give your Living Room a Fresh Look

Budget Ideas to Give your Living Room a Fresh Look

Budget Ideas to Give your Living Room a Fresh Look

That feeling of wanting to change every nook and corner of your living room to add freshness and accommodate new decor ideas is common to most of us. All that you once bought to do up your living room starts to feel old and boring after some time. But then, how financially feasible is it to change the decor and redo the room every time you feel this way? That’s when budget-friendly living room ideas come in handy. Here are some tips to make your living room feel new without burning a hole in your pockets.

1: Choose a pocket-friendly theme

Are you tempted to replicate your favourite aunt’s pristine white-themed living room at home? Or is it the satin and silks of traditional decor on your mind? Whatever it is, remember the expense is not going to stop with purchase but will stretch to maintenance. It is even more important in the case of a living room because that is where most guests will spend maximum time and you do not want them to notice stains on your sofa and the dust on your rug. If you are looking for living room ideas on a budget, then opting for low-maintenance furniture such as wooden furniture or industrial-themed wood and metal furniture pieces will help you invest in furniture for once and enjoy low-maintenance in the future. Or opting for a fusion-based theme can help you add new elements to what you already have and spend less money compared to redoing your living room from scratch. For example, you could use knick-knacks such as an old brass kettle or a small tin candy jar to spruce up your centre table or turn old ceramic jars and bowls into planters for your small indoor plants adding to a rustic feel of the room. A budget-friendly theme will save you a lot of time, effort and money in the long run.

2: Light it up

If you are an ambience-light sort of person, then a play of lights could help you highlight the best part of your living room decor and hide what you do not want to flaunt to the visitors. Lamps and lighting decor not only come in all budgets but can also be reused in the future for a different setting or theme. Opt for wall-mounted spotlights to showcase your collection of paintings or to highlight the stories from your cherished photo wall, floor and table lamps can be used to highlight corners of your room and make it look more spacious, and an ideal choice of attractive ceiling light can add to the overall feel of the room. Choose warm lights, unless you dislike them, for your living room. Warm and yellow lights make the room feel warm and welcoming as compared to cool or white lights. This is the reason why most hotel rooms have warm lights in their guest rooms; to make you feel at home instantly.

3: Go green

If you are a plant parent, then your green babies are more than enough to put a charming spell on the visitors. A smart choice of indoor plants and planters that blend with your living room decor can fill up empty spaces without adding much to the list of expenses or maintenance cost. Plus, plants top the list of cheap living room design ideas for anyone who wishes to add new life to their living room without spending on new furniture or decor items.

4: DIY, mix and match

Let your creativity flow with cheap decorating ideas for living room. You can decorate your living room without buying a single new item by just revamping your old stuff and recycling what you already have. If you are a DIY enthusiast, then your living room could be your oyster and you can create things—such as a new lampshade for your old lamp, or add some patchwork to your present curtains and attach pom-poms to their edges to give them a craftsy look, or paint an old tin truck in bright colour and use it for a centre table. If you are good with paintbrushes, consider turning one of the walls in your living room into a statement wall with some cool graphics or traditional artwork. Personalise your living room in the truest sense and let it reflect you in every corner without spending on commercial home decor items.

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5: Multifunctional furniture

Low budget living room design starts with smart investments. Furniture can be a game-changer in budget management, and investing in multifunctional furniture not only saves money but also saves space in your room to include other decor ideas to expressive yourself. For example, you could get a multiuse coffee table that can be height-adjusted and double-up as a dining table when needed or think of a sideboard that can be accommodated in your living room as a TV unit. This way you can get furniture pieces to serve two or more purposes at the cost of one.

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6: Shop online

Budget living room ideas start with online searches and end with online purchases. Anyone who has done online and offline research for furniture shopping would know that buying furniture online means a much wider range of choices at more competitive prices compared to physical stores. Besides, most online furniture stores offer free delivery for cart value above a particular amount, thus saving shipping charges on major furniture shopping. This is true not just for furniture, but other decor items as well. Check online platforms for inexpensive home decor items such as lamps, planters, paintings and other showpieces, and pick the most suitable for your theme and ideas for your living room.

You do not need to spend thousands to make a statement with your living room decor. Just take time to identify what you truly want the space to reflect and say about you. Once you know what kind of feel you want the room to give out to the visitors, you can use some of the tips mentioned above and your own ideas to make your living room the perfect place to socialise and spend time with the family.

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