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Article: Expert Ideas to Style a Console Table

Expert Ideas to Style a Console Table

Expert Ideas to Style a Console Table

 A console table is a unique piece of furniture that combines form and function to create a style statement in your home’s interior. Usually placed in foyers or hallways to avoid the blank space, this is a table that can have a great visual impact provided you have the right console table décor. Remember that this is not the same as a side table or coffee table and therefore needs to have a distinct look. These are the definitive features of console table designs:

  • They are usually rectangular with a narrow surface.
  • As they are usually placed against a wall, they could be supported by brackets rather than four legs.
  • The height can vary depending on the position and requirements of the décor.

If you have decided to have one in your home, you could try out these designer-approved tips on how to style a console table.

Use a Pop of Colour

Make your console table stand out by painting it an eye-catching colour. Or, if you would rather keep its original wood tones—for instance on this teak console table from Woodsala, place a bright-coloured painting above it so that the contrast has a stunning visual impact. If you have space, you could also pair it with a bench upholstered in a bright colour such as fuchsia.

Place it against an accent wall

One of the surest and easiest ways to enhance your room décor is to create an accent wall. From textured paints to wallpaper, the options are many. For your perfect solution to decorating a console table, start with the wall. Choose a wallpaper that highlights the overall aesthetic of the room and also, the style of the table. It will create the perfect foil for your beautiful console table.

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Make it an art corner

One of the most commonly used methods to style a console table is to dress it up with art. Give your spin on this by mixing it up. Place a work of contemporary or modern art on the wall above the table and by contrast, place traditional metal artwork on the table itself. Or have a mandala painting or Ravi Varma print on the wall and place geometric-shaped ceramic art on the table. Either way, the idea is to generate a visual impact.

Focus on the accessories

If you have been wondering how to dress a console table without weighing it down, the answer is to draw attention to the accessories. A large mirror with a statement frame, a stunning chandelier, large vases by the side of the table or eye-catching stools lined up under it are all great ideas to try out. Decorative baskets in natural fibres or ottomans can also create that visual flair you are aiming at.

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Drape it in fabric

If it is the idea of a console table that you find appealing and not its design itself, then get creative and wrap it up in a fabric of your choice. Think florals, paisleys or even solid stripes. Once you have the look right, you don’t have to worry anymore about how to style your console table. It is already perfect. Now, put your favourite knick-knacks on it and you’re done.

Make it more than a showpiece

The modern console table design is more utilitarian than before so the table can be put to more practical use than the traditional ones. If you need to convert it into a work station or children’s study desk, choose the right seating and add racks or shelves to the wall for additional space.

Decorating a console table does not have to be confined to books, vases and flowers anymore. Let your creativity run free and transform what would have been a bare corner into a focal point of your home.

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