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Article: Modern Wall Shelf Designs for Every Room

Modern Wall Shelf Designs for Every Room

Modern Wall Shelf Designs for Every Room

Decorating your home is an exciting experience! You may be brimming with ideas and eager to get started, but it’s best to consider several criteria before doing so. We can help you finalise the right shelves for each room. Modern wall shelf designs and standalone cabinets have undergone a sea of change, from objects of storage to becoming pieces of art that make a creative statement in urban homes.

Since the lockdown, online shopping has become more popular due to the ‘no-contact’ protocol. As a result, more companies shifted to online-driven selling models. Furniture shops, such as Woodsala, started offering beautifully designed, creatively relevant pieces of art and utility that are contemporary and chic, all on their online store.

Modern Wall Shelf Design Ideas

Wall shelves that make a statement, designs that are out of the box, and usability that makes you question how you ever got on before, should be some of the aspects you should consider. Whether it is your living room, your bedroom, the kitchen, or the bathroom - they are all equally important areas of the house and there are modern wall shelf ideas for every one of them. Let’s check out some of the designs that promise quality, inspiration and functionality. 

Living Room Wall Shelf - First Impression

Let’s start with checking out modern wall shelf designs for the living room. Anyone who enters your home walks into this room first and forms their first impression. So, it is very important how you design this space. Living room modern wall shelf design depends primarily on what you want to display. Plants, lamps, art pieces, books, candles are the most commonly displayed items. A way to make your room look bigger is to opt for corner wall shelves. This saves space and adds depth to the room. The corner pieces are available in various designs and you can choose one that suits your interests.

Aspects to keep in mind while selecting a modern living room wall shelf design:

  1. The size of the living room
  2. The colour of the walls
  3. The amount of sun the room gets
  4. The material for the wall shelves
  5. The colour of the shelves

Tips for selecting the best design to spruce up your living room:

  1. For smaller-sized rooms, select wall shelf designs that are lighter in look, with cleaner cuts and corner designs, and utilise space better.
  2. The colour of the wood or moulded wrought iron should match the walls.
  3. The depth of the shelves should be ideally no more than 12 inches.
  4. You can either opt for standing shelves or shelves that can hang on your wall.

You will find modern wall shelf designs in contemporary and traditional styles. Some of them look good in either décor settings. For instance, this fish-grill wooden shelf or the window-style wall cabinets would make a great addition to your house.


modern wall shelf designs

Open Wall Shelf Design– A Current Trend

The current décor trend is to have open and airy plans for your layout. It could be a living room flowing into a straight or L-shaped space, usually marked for the dining area, or it could be an open design between the kitchen and the dining area. In both cases, you can use standalone wooden shelves as partitions. A wide kitchen cabinet made from teak wood is sure to act as a classy choice. It would be a perfect blend of traditional and contemporary styles.

Study Room Wall Shelf Design – The Work Station

If you’ve converted any part of a room, or an entire room into a study, you know that the requirements for this can be very specific. This room needs to be comfortable, functional, with natural light and air, as well as have enough storage to accommodate your stationary, books, files, among other things.

We suggest choosing from these modern wall rack designs that are available on the Woodshala website. You can choose between a simple yet rugged open antique rack that can accommodate a lot of books, or a glass and teak closed cabinet that can be used to display art pieces along with your books. You can arrange your books in a mixture of verticals and horizontals so as to give it a look of tasteful disarray. A modern corner wall shelf design, with asymmetric shelves, can be a flow breaker and an eye-catcher.


modern wall rack designs Study Room


Wall Shelf Design for Bedroom: A Storage Sanctuary

Built-in wardrobes and walk-in dressing rooms have been the traditional and convenient choices for bedrooms. However, today you have the novel option of choosing eye-catching bedroom modern wall shelf designs that will give the bedroom a totally different look.

When choosing wall shelves for your bedroom, think about how much storage it will offer. Here are a few options you can consider:

  1. Standalone multi-shelf cabinet
  2. Wall-mounted cabinets with intricate woodwork
  3. Bedside tables with drawers
  4. Boho-chic classic shelves
  5. Mirror-front hidden storage cabinet

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Kitchen Wall Shelf Design - The Central Hub

Kitchens are an indispensable part of the house. It is where people gather and cook food. More often than not, people opt for pieces that can provide more storage in the kitchen, as there is no end to the pots and pans one might need.

Modular kitchens, once viewed with awe, have now become a necessity in every modern household. Traditional kitchens are getting remodelled with ready-to-fit cabinets and drawers. Modern wall shelf designs available today are a harmonious balance of traditional kitchen convenience furniture with new and convenient kitchen wall shelf designs.

A classic addition to your kitchen could be:

  1. A four-shelf kitchen cabinet that adopts the traditional meat-shelf design with open shelves on the top.
  2. A hanging cabinet with drawers or a long wide hanging cabinet with glass. This could be the perfect place to display your crockeries.

It is important to remember that kitchens, even with the best of chimney designs, tend to leave a fine film of oil over the shelves. Glass tops and shelves and cabinets with doors are easier to maintain.

 modern corner wall shelf design


Bathrooms Wall Shelf Design - A Private Haven

Bathrooms are the one place you will never be disturbed – not by little babies, pets or even annoying siblings. Since everyone has been working from home, the bathroom is truly a space where you can have complete privacy and relax. So, designing this place well is important. Choose modern wall shelf designs that will make your bathrooms look uncluttered, but at the same time, it should have enough storage space.

You will find plenty of aesthetic and contemporary wall shelf designs that can absolutely change the look and layout of your bathroom for the better.

Here are a few things you should consider while choosing one:

  1. Ideally well moulded wrought iron designs would go well for bathrooms, rather than wood.
  2. Look for a modern wall rack design, to arrange accessories for your daily use.
  3. An iron hold-all rack will look neat and be a more sensible choice for a bathroom.
  4. A wall mirror is an essential accessory in the bathroom and for that you can choose a rustic wooden frame.
  5. Look for simple racks to keep green plants, if possible near a window that has natural light coming in.
  6. A wall hanging cabinet with glass doors to display your toiletries and other knick-knacks will be an ideal modern wall shelf design for your bathroom.



Your home is your sanctuary. You can even seek help from professional designers to help you design a house that reflects your personality in all its grandeur. If you have the imagination, an eye for out-of-box designs, and practicality, you can choose designs online. Browse through our website to bring your imagination alive!

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