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Article: How to Pick A Corner Study Table Design For Your Bedroom

How to Pick A Corner Study Table Design For Your Bedroom

How to Pick A Corner Study Table Design For Your Bedroom

The ongoing COVID pandemic has made it abundantly clear that working from home will continue to be a reality for many professionals for quite some time to come. Or you might have kids at home who will be attending their classes from the safety of home for a few more months. Which means, you need a study table or worktable that looks great and is perfectly functional. What’s more, if you choose wisely, you can accommodate it easily in an idle corner of your bedroom. Now, with different kinds of bedroom study tables available in the market today, it can be challenging to pick one confidently. So, here’s a detailed guide that will help you go about the task.

Keep the room’s size in mind  

When it comes to picking a study table design for bedroom, make sure the size of the table goes well with the room size. A small bedroom with a large table, even if it is in the corner, can look too overpowering. Also consider the size of the corner where you are planning to fit in the table. Even if your room is large, you might have quite a few furniture pieces and knickknacks lying around. In that case, the corner you have identified for study or work purposes might not have ample proportions. Choosing a compact table will be ideal then. Or you can go for a wall-mounted piece or one that collapses when not in use. Often, a sleek, rectangular study table can do the trick. And if you have room to spare, you can go for a L-shaped table too.

Check if it is comfortable

Before you introduce a study unit in bedroom, make sure you are comfortable working with it. The tabletop should have enough space to accommodate your laptop, gadgets, books and stationery items easily. If you are in the habit of sipping on tea or munching on snacks while working, the table should have room for a mug or small bowl. Some people like to arrange a few décor accents, potted greens or family photos on their worktable. If you are one of them, you need enough space for that.

Also make sure that the height is right for you, based on the chair you pair the table with. Often, you will come across study table and chair sets, which are designed keeping in mind height-related requirements. You can go for these too. Otherwise, if you need to bend too much or angle your legs uncomfortably, it can lead to discomfort, pain and disorders in the long run. Also, keep an eye on the corners and edges. In case of a small bedroom with study table, rounded corners or thick and smooth edges can prevent nasty bumps.

Make sure the material is top-quality

These days, you might come across a variety of options when it comes to the material of a corner study table. It can be metal, plastic, glass, plywood or engineered wood. However, ideally, a real wooden table can last you for years and look amazing too. If you choose one from a reputed manufacturer or brand, you are likely to end up with a piece that is robust, beautifully polished, smartly designed and offers complete value for money. Make sure you know about the type of wood that has been used and its longevity. A good brand will also offer you warranty on the quality. In case you are not too keen on all-wooden tables, those that combine wood and metal might catch your eye.   

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Spare a thought for the bedroom décor

When you are picking a corner study table design for bedroom, check if it is going well with the rest of the room. This means, it should look good against the wall paint for starters. Usually, dark tables look good against white, cream or pastel walls. White or light-hued wooden tables contrast dark walls beautifully on the other hand. But if your bedroom has a Scandinavian style look and feel, everything, including the study table, can be in a light and sober tone.

A bedroom study table should also pair nicely with the overall décor scheme. Which means, if you have a trendy bedroom with sleek lines and simple furniture, a sleek and minimalistic table will look appealing. A table painted in pastel shades or with curved legs or bronze handles will be perfect for a vintage style bedroom. And if your room has a traditional décor scheme with a four-poster bed or ornate furniture pieces, a study table with carvings will shine.

Focus on the storage aspect

Storage is an integral aspect of a utilitarian study table. You might need to store a whole host of essentials, ranging from mobile devices, cables and audio accessories to notepads, diaries, pens, bills, medicines and so on. In case your storage needs are minimal, a slim table with a couple of inbuilt drawers might be adequate. If you need to store more, a modern table with legs on one side and a chest of drawers on the other side can do the trick. Tables with chest of drawers on either side are also available in the market.

You can also go for a bedroom study table with bookshelf design in case you need to organise a lot of books, journals, files and such. Worried that you have a super small bedroom for a table with storage hacks? Just get a minimalistic table with no drawers and install a couple of open shelves or cubbies on the wall above it. This way, you will get storage room as well as save on precious floor area. Buying a bed with study table design is also a good idea if you are moving into a new home and looking for multifunctional furniture pieces that utilise corners. Wardrobes paired with study tables are available as well, at both online and offline stores. These units look smart and put an entire wall to good use.   

Take care of your budget

The fact that you can easily find a wooden table online nowadays means you have many options in terms of brands, manufacturers, designs and price points. So, research well, assess your needs and preferences, compare different brands and their offerings, and then choose. The same table might be available at different price points on different platforms. Which is why, you don’t need to overshoot your budget or end up spending more than you feel is necessary. Watch out for seasonal discounts or holiday sales. However, remember not to compromise on quality in a bid to get the best deal. Go through customer reviews and testimonials of a brand online before you order a corner table.     

Consider mobility and versatility

A bedroom study table on castors or wheels can make it easy for you to move the piece around. This way, if you feel like it, you can place it somewhere else without putting in much effort or getting additional help. Or you can consider the weight of the table in case you don’t want wheeled legs. If it is light, you can lift and move it easily as well.

In a bedroom with study table, you need to take versatility into account too. This is especially important if you intend to use the table for a short period. In that case, you should be able to repurpose the table in different ways, so that the purchase doesn’t go waste. For instance, if you get a sleek corner table with stylish legs, you can position it in the entryway or a hallway and deck it with vases, candles, lamps or family photos. You can keep a writing pad and a few pens on it as well. Another way to repurpose a corner study table is to use it as a dressing unit. You can place a beautiful mirror on it and organise all your beauty essentials on the tabletop. 

Check if it is easy to clean

Having a study unit in bedroom doesn’t mean you can just place it in a corner and forget about it. You will need to keep it clean as well. A contemporary style table with neat lines and edges is usually easy to dust and organise. Those with intricate carvings or multiple and deep drawers will require more effort and maintenance. You need to consider the material of the table as well, when it comes to cleaning the same. Smooth, glossy or polished surfaces are easy to clean usually. If you are buying a wooden table online, find out what kind of cleaning solution will be ideal based on the type of wood. Remember that natural materials need more care.

To cut a long story short, finding a bedroom study table that perfectly fits into a corner, looks beautiful, and serves your purpose, is easier than you think. Just make sure you keep the above pointers in mind, research thoroughly, check brand and product reviews online, decide on a budget, and then make a choice.

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