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Article: A Smart Guide to Using Wooden Elements in Your Home

A Smart Guide to Using Wooden Elements in Your Home

A Smart Guide to Using Wooden Elements in Your Home

Are you planning to pick wooden furniture for interior decoration? It can be a wonderful move indeed. A classy natural material like wood can lend warmth, elegance and timeless beauty to any space, no matter how big or small it is. However, you need to go about it the right way, so that the overall look of your interiors is appealing to the eye. Also, with wood, it is easy to go overboard, if money is no object. Hence, we have decided to share some tips, so that you can use wooden elements in your home the way they are supposed to be.

1. Keep the flooring in mind

This is the most important rule of using wooden elements for home interiors. The colour and material of your floor determines to a large extent if and how you can introduce wooden elements. For instance, if you have a wooden floor, you can pick up a light-hued sofa or dining table to contrast a dark floor, and vice versa. And if your floor is lined with tiles, ceramic or marble, once again, choose wooden furniture that contrasts the floor.

2. Avoid too many wooden pieces in one room

Unless you have a massive room, choosing too many wooden pieces, especially in the same tone, can look overwhelming. Instead, you can choose a single dominant piece like an elegant wooden cabinet or a large mirror with a gorgeously carved frame as the focal point. The rest of the furniture can be trendy and a combination of leather, steel and fabrics. You can also pick up minimalistic or light wooden furniture for home interiors, like sleek shelves, a couple of chairs, or an organizer.

3. Play around with different tones and finishes

If a room features wooden furniture of only one tone or style or finish, it tends to get a tad boring. So, mix and match. Maybe, in your bedroom, you can pair dark textured wooden wall cladding with furniture in honey oak finish. Or, you can pick up the dining room table and chairs in a light Scandinavian finish and the sideboard in a dark tone. When it comes to styles, wooden furniture for interior design can be ornate, modern, minimalistic, country style, vintage, oriental and more. So, try not to stuff a room with all ornately carved pieces. You can balance a few such pieces, for example a regal sofa set, with cabinets and shelves that are sleek.

3. Think creatively when you are short on space

Space is a premium for most homeowners these days. So, you might have to get a little crafty while introducing wooden elements. Look for designs that can function in different ways or don’t take up much space. Like, you can add a bit of sophistication to your coffee table, study table, console table or a corner table with some beautiful wooden figurines. Or, you can put up a stylish wooden shelf between the entryway and living room so that it acts as a partition too. Wood can also be added to the kitchen or dining space in small doses, in the form of coasters, chopping boards and trays.

4. When in doubt, pair with white

The wood and white combination is one that never goes out of style. So, if you are planning to use multiple wooden elements in a room, try to keep the walls, ceiling and even floor white, to balance the richness of wood. White will complement both light and dark-toned wooden pieces nicely and create a peaceful ambiance. Also note that such a colour palette works best when the wooden furniture for interior decoration is simple yet fashionable. If you want a pop of colour, you can always introduce a few potted greens, a single bright rug, or vibrant cushions.

So, keep the above tips in mind while using wooden elements in your home. A bit of planning and creativity can help you create a warm and wonderful space without burning a hole in your pocket. Check out Woodsala’s collection to get more ideas.

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