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6 furniture & accessories you absolutely need to makeover your dining hall

6 furniture & accessories you absolutely need to makeover your dining hall

From hosting parties for friends to enjoying a jovial dining experience with family, your dining room has seen it all. It’s the one area in your home where you gather to chat about the day’s events and share a hearty meal. Your dining room should be done up in such a way that is warm, comfortable and alluring. It is the choice of furniture that dictates its ambience.
Here are some contemporary dining room décor accessories that lend a touch of elegance to the setting.

  • Large Dining Table with Inlay Design – A large dining table made of solid teak with inlay pattern on the table top is just what you need to make your dining room look elegant and grand. Use a glass tabletop to further enhance its looks. Perfect for large family gatherings or Christmas dinners. Complement it with carving chairs with plain cushions and you have what you call royalty!
  • Rounded Carving Table – Another Teak wood beauty, this carved rounded table has a minimalist design on the top with carvings on the rounded sides. The three-pronged pillar is what makes this dining table stand out from the rest. It’s perfect for a family of three or four people. Pair it teak wood chairs with light coloured cushions. Use a light coloured curtains and cream rug to complete the setting.
  • Candle Stand – Talk about dining and a candle light dinner is probably the first thing that comes to the mind. Choose a long Iron Candle stand for dining room corner or wrought iron candelabra on the table top. These candle stands apart from adding a timeless vibe to your dining room setting also lend a cosy feel to it. Enjoy a romantic dinner with your partner or a quiet meal with family after a long tiring day at work.
  • Kitchen Cabinets - Even though they are called kitchen cabinets, they can well be used to complete your dining room setting. These wooden pieces of furniture are great for storing cutlery, stash napkins etc. Try to match the colour of the cabinet with the dining table and chair to get the complete look. You can also use these cabinets to store pickle jars and other condiments in case you don’t have enough space on the table.
  • Wooden Tray – A staple kitchen or dining accessory. When you are not using them to serve guests, you can use atop dining table to organize condiments like sauces or pickle jars. This will make your dining room more organized.
  • Coasters – Another dining room essential to save your prized furniture from damage caused by water, hot plates and drinks etc. When not in use, these coasters can be neatly organized on the dining table or stashed away in the kitchen cabinet. There are coasters available in different varieties like fibre, plastic, glass etc. The idea is to buy a coaster that is durable and will not break. It’s best to buy wooden coasters as they are unbreakable but they look good with wooden tables too!

Don’t ignore your dining room until a party or a gathering. Take a cue from the above dining room furniture ideas and create a space you and family will love to eat in.