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Article: 6 DIY Decor ideas for wooden trays

6 DIY Decor ideas for wooden trays

6 DIY Decor ideas for wooden trays

Serving trays are handy and multifunctional items that nicely fit into any lifestyle. Mostly used to carry dishes, snacks and beverages, serving trays can add charm to your home décor as well. You can use trays to place candles, flower vases and other decorative items. Though you can find trays made of a wide range of materials such as metal, plastic and glass, wooden serving trays are among the most preferred ones owing to their classy look and durability. Add elegance and style to your home decor by adopting these ways to decor wooden tray. Here are some quick DIY decor ideas for wooden trays:

  1. DIY fabric-lined wooden tray: One of the easiest ways to decorate a wooden tray is by cut, pasting an attractive wallpaper or a fabric on the inside of the tray. Prefer taking a light-coloured tray or you can also spray paint the tray with a colour of your choice before pasting the fabric. A floral print in particular looks great and makes the tray a perfect serveware with a pop of colour.

  2. Bottlecap serving tray: Do you love collecting bottle caps? If yes, then this DIY activity could be a lot of fun. Find a wooden tray and spray paint it in any colour of your choice. Take a hot glue gun and paste the bottle caps on the inside of the tray. Layer it with a bar top resin to seal the caps and give the tray an even, smooth surface. This chic, retro serving tray is sure to make quite a few heads turn.

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  3. Painted DIY tray: A colour block tray not only looks cheerful and creative but is also easy to create. All you need is a light coloured wooden tray, washi tape, some poster colours and a brush for wooden tray decoration at home. Think of a design and use the painter’s tape to make the same on the tray. Get creative with colours and remove the painter’s tape. You will get the most vibrant colour block tray for serving tea, coffee, breakfast and snacks.

  4. Confetti tray: Love all things glittery? Your tray decoration at home can translate to your own glittery and glamorous confetti tray. For this, you need a wooden tray, mod podge, mod podge dimensional magic glue and some push-pop confetti. Apply a generous layer of mod podge to the surface of your wooden tray. It will help to keep the confetti in place. Next, pour in the confetti onto the surface. Then fill the tray with a thin layer of mod podge dimensional magic glue. Let it dry for at least 24 hours and you will have your stunning confetti tray ready.

  5. Pressed flower or leaf tray: A pressed flower tray suits best for breakfast in bed or for a special afternoon tea. Collect some fallen flowers and leaves. Clean them before drying. Once dried, press these in a book for 4-5 days. Take a wooden tray and spray paint it white. Glue down each piece of pressed flower and leaf onto the surface of the tray. Take two bottles of epoxy resin and mix it in a cup. Pour the liquid onto the tray and smooth it around using a stirrer. Let it dry for a couple of days. And voila! You have your DIY pressed flower tray ready.

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  6. Personalised serving tray: Who does not like a personalised serving tray? Take a wooden tray and paint it any colour of your choice. Take some wood accessories; a wooden letter or any wooden design. You can paint these too. Once dried, you can glue the letter onto the wooden design using a glue gun. Finally, attach the wooden design to the surface of the tray. And there it is! Display this personalised tray on special occasions or use it for serving your special guests.

There you have it—six creative DIY wooden tray decor ideas that are easy to execute. Follow these tips to decor wooden trays and enjoy your meals along with an elevated sense of decor.

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