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Article: 6 Cool Ways To Use A Rack In Your Home

6 Cool Ways To Use A Rack In Your Home

6 Cool Ways To Use A Rack In Your Home

Some things never change, such as having a rack in your home. We all have seen and used it—sometimes as a bookshelf and some other times as a toy organiser, perhaps. Racks are these amazingly multifunctional storage solutions that can be used in different parts of a home, for diverse purposes. Here are some smart ways to use racks in home:

  1. Store kitchen essentials in a pull-out rack - Are you struggling to make some storage space in your fairly small kitchen? Have you considered using the dead space between the refrigerator and the wall? You can make the most of this space by using a pull-out storage rack to store small jars, spice jars, canned goods and small containers.

  2. Organise your shoes in the entryway shoe rack – A clever solution to the dreadful mess of shoes in the house is to keep a wooden rack at the entryway to store footwear. It will not only help in keeping all your shoes organised but if done up properly, the top board of the home wooden rack can be used to display your favourite showpiece items, souvenirs or even small potted plants.

  3. Crate racks turned library shelves– You can make use of old crates by screwing the crates together into a rack. This repurposed rack can be used to keep your favourite books and magazines. For the convenience of movement, you can add castors to the bottom of the rack. You can also sand the crates to give them a rustic look. You can also hang small crates on the wall next to your dresser and use them to store cosmetics or daily essentials.

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  4. Over-sink dish drying rack – Do not have a separate space for a dish drying rack in your kitchen? Consider going vertical with the racks. Having an over-sink dish drying rack will not only save you a lot of kitchen counter space but also give you plenty of room to keep your plates, bowls, other utensils, soap and more. You can also have a hanging pot rack if you have some pretty pots. It will serve as a storage rack and also make a pretty kitchen décor. These racks make sure you have the items you need in the right place and within reach.

  5. Playful toy storage – A simple toy storage rack can reduce the mess and help your little one to play in a clutter-free environment. A rack can help in keeping the toys organised without taking them away from your child’s sight. Children can easily reach their toys and also learn to be organised this way. You can also store other stuff such as books and clothes on the rack.

  6. Display clothing rack for your bedroom – If there is little or no space to store clothes in your bedroom, consider getting a clothing rack instead of a cupboard. A clothing rack can help you in having your clothes on display at all times, saving you the time and hassle of looking for your favourite pieces while dressing up.

Staying organised is not as challenging as it seems, especially with creative ideas and the right tools. Make use of these tips to use rack in your home and reorganise your personal space.

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