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Article: 10 Beautiful Fruits and Vegetables Storage Wooden Cabinet and Rack Designs

10 Beautiful Fruits and Vegetables Storage Wooden Cabinet and Rack Designs

10 Beautiful Fruits and Vegetables Storage Wooden Cabinet and Rack Designs

There are a number of options when it comes to fruits and vegetables storage racks and cabinets. However, none can beat the charm of those crafted with fine quality wood. Not only are they aesthetically appealing but also sturdy and durable. There is a wide variety of wooden kitchen cabinet designs to choose from.

In this article, we shall take you through some of the most beautiful ones available in the market and brief you about their utility. So, read on!

Here is a look at 10 beautiful wooden cabinet and rack designs apt for storing fruit and vegetable cabinet.

Wooden Frame Iron Jali Fruit & Vegetable Basket Cupboard

  1. Spacious 3 Tray Vegetable Basket Cabinet

This wooden cabinet has especially been designed for the purpose of stacking up your fruits and vegetables. Each compartment has been clearly demarcated and baskets of different sizes have been affixed in it to help you store fruits and vegetables in a systematic manner. Vegetables such as potatoes, onions, ginger and garlic can be kept in different sections. Likewise, fruits such as bananas and oranges that do not require refrigeration can be placed here. The glass door keeps them safe from flies and other insects.

Wooden Top 3-Tray Vegetable Basket Cupboard - Wooden Top

  2. Sleek Vegetable Basket Trolley

Wooden Long Vegetable Basket Trolley

This sleek wooden cabinet has been divided into various sections to help you store different fruits and vegetables separately. Its door allows you to peep inside to keep a check on your perishables and keeps them safe from insects and pests. The trolley style cabinet can be moved around easily to keep your floor and surrounding areas clean and tidy.

3. Antique Wooden Cabinet

Antique Blue Finish Cabinet

If you have a fetish for antique items and want to incorporate that old world charm in your kitchen then an antique cabinet such as the one shown in this image can be an ideal choice for you. Buy a few cane baskets and place them on different shelves of the cabinet to store different fruits and vegetables. The drawers close to the bottom of the cabinet can be used to store your grocery items or crockery.

4. Built in Kitchen Cupboard

Built in wooden kitchen cabinets are also quite popular. It is a good idea to create a dedicated section for fruits and vegetables in your modular kitchen. The design should be such that you are able to stack different vegetables and fruits separately. You can get images of beautiful fruit baskets or bunch of fruits carved on its door to demarcate it from other storage spaces in your kitchen.

5. See Through Wooden Cabinet

Wooden Cabinet

If you are looking for a sleek yet spacious cabinet to match your modern kitchen design then this elegant piece can be an excellent choice for you. It is sleek yet spacious enough to store vegetables and fruits that stay fresh without refrigeration. The glass doors offer the convenience of seeing what’s in stock and what requires re-stocking. You can easily place this cabinet in a small corner of your kitchen. Its flat top can be utilised to place your toaster, juicer or spice rack. You may even place a small planter to enhance your kitchen interiors.

6- Wooden Frame Fruit Basket Cabinet

Wooden Frame Fruit Basket Cabinet

This simple yet sturdy fruit basket has well-defined sections to store potatoes, onions, bananas, apples and other fruits and vegetables you relish. The flat top can be used to place a basket full of different fruits you prefer eating through the day.

7- Classic Kitchen Cabinet with Ample Space

This classic kitchen cabinet can be used to store different kitchen essentials including spices, juices, fruits, vegetables, pulses, cereals and more. You can place a few plastic or cane baskets in the cabinet to store your stuff systematically. The wooden cabinet is spacious, sturdy and appealing. If you have an open kitchen then this piece is especially a good choice for you as it will enhance the overall look of the space in addition to storing a good amount of stuff.

8- Wooden Wall Cabinet for Kitchen

Wooden Wall Cabinet for Kitchen

If you do not have enough floor space or simply want to keep it free for proper cleaning and mopping then a wall mount kitchen cabinet should suffice. A simple wooden wall cabinet crafted with good quality wood such as shown in the image is a good choice. It is big enough to store your daily fruits and vegetables essentials. The glass door shall give you a clear view of the things kept inside if you affix the cabinet at correct height.   

9- Simple Yet Useful Kitchen Rack

If you want to keep your things handy then it is better to go for a wooden rack such as that shown above. The simple yet spacious wooden rack is ideal for keeping fresh produce. It is especially a good choice if you have kids as it will give them easy access to fresh fruits that are vital for their development.

10- Stylish Carved Tray Rack

Stylish Carved Tray Rack

If you are looking for a stylish storage space for your perishables then nothing can beat this chic tray rack. This rack is designed to enhance your kitchen interiors in addition to providing excellent utility. It is appropriate for keeping in the dining room as well. You can place it in one corner of your dining room and use it dedicatedly for fresh fruits.

In Conclusion

We see that there is a huge variety of wooden kitchen cabinets that are appropriate for storing fresh produce such as vegetables and fruits. Many of those suggested above are spacious enough to store other kitchen essentials as well. You can pick on depending upon the available space in your kitchen, your kitchen interiors as well as your storage requirement.

There are plenty of them available on Woodsala. You can also get these made on order as per your specific need. In addition to the design, it is important to pay attention to the kind of wood used to prepare it. Opt for a beautiful design made with good quality wood to ensure utility and style.

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