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Article: 15 Gorgeous Wooden Almirah Design Ideas for Your Bedroom

15 Gorgeous Wooden Almirah Design Ideas for Your Bedroom

15 Gorgeous Wooden Almirah Design Ideas for Your Bedroom

Any furniture can store your things or alter your room's environment. But wooden furniture is strong, resilient, ever-lasting, and more appealing than other types of furniture. Even more fascinating, wooden furniture can be protected from water damage, which implies you can have peace of mind even during the rainy season.  

Wooden Semi Wide Grey Almirah

So, if you are thinking of adding wooden furniture, such as an almirah in your home, you are on the right path. Towards the end of this blog, you will be able to choose a stunning wooden almirah design for yourself. 

  1. Wooden grey long almirah

A wooden grey long almirah, made of natural solid wood with may have 5 to 7 compartments, would be a good choice for the home. The compartments can store your books, clothes, blankets, kids' toys, old newspapers, magazines, etc, in the almirah. Some wooden stores offer you a spectrum of tones to pick for your almirah, including natural brown, medium brown, dark brown, dark mahogany, medium mahogany, dark tone, etc. You can even get the distressed or antique finish. 

  1. Wooden semi-wide grey almirah

You can bring home an almirah design for the bedroom made of teak wood, Sheesham wood, engineered wood, natural solid wood, or MDF. You can choose a darker tone or light tone wooden almirah according to the interior elements of the room. You will be surprised to know that you can engrave your name or any design on your wooden almirah to give it a personal touch. This is courtesy of some great wooden stores for such personalised services. 

  1. Sliding almirah design

You must have seen that almirahs whose doors open outwards consume a lot of space. It is especially a huge problem when a bedroom or dressing room is small. To combat this issue, manufacturers have come up with a sliding doors almirah design option. Some almirahs with sliding doors have a long mirror installed, which not only looks classy but leaves no need for a separate dressing table. 

  1. Have some fun with themes

Themes are unique just like your personality and tend to add charisma to a bedroom. For instance, if your bedroom is white-themed, then having a grey wooden wardrobe would be like icing on a cake. 

  1. Sunmica almirah design

Sunmica is a decorative laminate sheet that is used on wooden furniture giving it a unique appeal. It is made of phenolic materials and offers an 11-year guarantee against colour fading. With the almirah sunmica design, you get to see no cracking, scratches, fungi, etc. Get this finishing done in your almirah to make your room stylish and vibrant again.

  1. Geometric patterns almirah design

Geometric patterns render an avant-grade look to your room. The common shapes involved in the geometric design are squares, circles, rectangles, ovals, triangles, pentagons, hexagons, octagons, diamonds, and stars. You can have simple shapes, shapes within shapes, irregular shapes, 3D Y-shape patterns, rotated 3D Y, black and white lines, triangles on the grid, psychedelic triangles, etc. geometric patterns almirah design. Get this  attention-grabbing patterned almirah to your home. 

  1. Wall-to-wall almirah design 

Almirah that serves as a wall is highly useful. The issue with the traditional almirah design is that it tends to leave a lot of space between its top surface and the ceiling. If you want a lot of storage space, you should go for a wall-to-wall almirah design. The slick wall-to-wall wardrobe design will make your bedroom look spacious. Give it a try. 

  1. Reflective almirah

 Reflective almirah

Reflective almirah design is a good way to make a room bigger. The science behind this principle is simple. Mirrors make lights and images reflect from different angles, and as a result, the room seems large. Even unvisited corners of the room can have a life with a mirror design wardrobe. Also, otherwise, mirrors make the room look rich and classy without even needing to grab expensive decor elements. 

  1. Sheesham almirah

You can also try a Sheesham almirah for a vintage look. Sheesham is one of the top-notch woods that manufacturers use for building furniture. This wood is not just robust and inexpensive but also kicks away unwanted termites. Sheesham almirahs have dark or light natural patterns that make the room luxurious.  

  1. Blending Sunmica and Sheesham

What about a blend of wooden almirah designs with sunmica and Sheesham? It will make your room organic and natural. Furthermore, this wood has a raw look and tends to give a natural touch to your room. 

  1. Matte finish 

You must be confused between glossy and matte finish design. Matte is in trend as it doesn't only increase the colour consistency of your wardrobe but also makes the surface smooth and even to touch. Furthermore, matte finish wardrobes are meant for low-traffic areas as they are a bit hard to clean. 

  1. Freestanding wooden wardrobe

Freestanding wooden wardrobe

Sometimes, people have a job that requires them to move from state to state. In such a situation, freestanding wardrobes will give you a sigh of relief. You can load them on the transportation vehicle and take them to the new location without any hassle. You don't even need to buy a new wardrobe when you are moving to a new location. It will save you money. Additionally, their finish is smooth and silky and will go quite well with all the interior elements of the room. You can try this one and let us know your experience. 

  1. L-shape wardrobe design

An L-shape wooden almirah design is suitable for bedrooms for storing essential and useful items like blankets, clothes, toys, books, footwear, etc. This almirah design keeps children safe, fits into the corner of the room, and takes full advantage of space. 

  1. Open-shelf wardrobe design


There's something beautiful about open-shelf wardrobe design. Not only your clothes and other essentials are easily accessible, but also this design makes your room feel larger and more expressive. You don't have to deal with hideous closet doors. 


  1. Play with colours 

The right combination of colours can make your room look dramatic and soulful. For instance, having blue wallpaper and beige or rose white wooden wardrobe can be the perfect combo. 

In conclusion

Choosing the best wooden almirah design can involve a lot of painstaking thinking and creativity. The wardrobe should improve the overall look of the room and blend with other items in the room. 

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