Traditional Art work Metallic Armchair - Woodsala
Traditional Art work Metallic Armchair - Woodsala

Traditional Art work Metallic Armchair

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Bring back the old school - but do it in style! That’s what these chairs will make you think. The metal chairs woven with rope and thread will make you remember evenings spent in the courtyards of your grandparents’ homes, as they would sit on this chair while you and your siblings or cousins would bundle up on a charpoy to listen to story after story as the evening would come yawning in with all its glory. These chairs come in distinct hues that bring back that quintessential rustic aura. Place them outdoors to match the greenery with some colour of their own, or be brave and bring them indoors for a rather eclectic look! Either which ways, you have a decor winner on your hands.

Solid Wood Artistry

We use solid wood in furniture making, which are of great quality and absolutely robust

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Handcrafted in Jodhpur

All our wooden products are handcrafted in jodhpur by specialised craftsmen for that exquisite finish

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On Request Customisation

If you have a definite design in mind, woodsala will customise the same for you as a fresh piece of wooden artistry

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