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      An Armchair is a Gift You Ought to Give Yourself

      There is a piece of furniture in your home that has a 5000-year history – the chair! One of the earliest inventions for convenience within the home, the chair has evolved over time into many variants combining function and fashion. Probably the best-loved and most aspirational version of the chair is the armchair. As compared to the sofa or living room chairs that are meant for sharing and socialising, the armchair is a personal chair – an individual seat that you will develop a special equation with. Which is why it deserves some time and consideration when you decide to buy an armchair.

      First off, the armchair is an extremely personal choice of furniture. It is your haven at the end of a long day and your nest on a weekend or holiday. When you decide to add an armchair to your home, the questions to ask are only to yourself and are all aimed at making it the ultimate relaxing spot for you! To start with, here are some questions to answer:

      What is your primary interest while lounging for long hours – watching TV? Reading? Napping?

      The answer to each will lead you in the direction of a completely different kind of armchair – because there are so many. Here are some of the types you can consider:

      • Highbacked Armchair: These have particularly long backs that offer an upright seating pattern. This is more suited to long chats than reading or lounging and look great in high-ceiling rooms.
      • Recliners: These are comfortably upholstered armchairs designed for long, lazy hours of reading or watching TV. A modern armchair paired with a footstool can give you the same level of comfort.
      • Mid Century Armchairs: These have lower backrests and a rounded shape that immediately puts you in mind of comfort and relaxation. Wooden armchairs with plush upholstery in floral patterns can give you that slightly nostalgic feel of the days of yore.
      • Contemporary Armchairs: The contemporary style sports straighter lines and sharper angles, cutting down on the roundedness of the other styles. They are nevertheless high on comfort.
      • Traditional Armchairs: These are the types you see in vintage homes, with shapely legs and voluminous cushions that just invite you to sink into it and make yourself at home.

      Buy your armchair online today and use your creativity to transform a portion of your living room into your own little nest. A side table can make it a study area or dedicated binge-watch spot. A footstool converts it into a daybed and a beautiful floor lamp by its side gives you the reading corner of your dreams! This is the gift you should be giving yourself – one that makes you feel like thanking yourself every single day!