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Antique Style Small Vase

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Crafted in India
Spruce up your living space with our unique Antique Style Small Vase. This beautiful, one of a kind, the antique-finish small vase will give your interior design a boost. Handcrafted from only the finest natural materials, this small vase perfectly complements minimalist and traditional interior design style. Collect 3 or more and prop on your display cabinet or coffee table. The uneven shape is natural because it's created using bare hands.

Solid Wood Artistry

We use solid wood in furniture making, which are of great quality and absolutely robust

All About Wood

Handcrafted in Jodhpur

All our wooden products are handcrafted in jodhpur by specialised craftsmen for that exquisite finish

How It's Made?

On Request Customisation

If you have a definite design in mind, woodsala will customise the same for you as a fresh piece of wooden artistry

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