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Inlay Flower Vase Pot
Inlay Flower Vase Sale price₹ 3,499.00
Antique Style Small Vase Pot
Antique Style Small Vase Sale price₹ 899.00
Antique Style Vase Pot
Antique Style Vase Sale price₹ 8,999.00


Bring in a Rustic Yet Stylish Feel to Your Home with a Wooden Pot

There are few things as charmingly rustic and old school as a wooden pot. These wooden pots can come in a number of shapes and sizes to add much character to your home. The wooden pot can be a valuable addition since it can liven up a number of corners with its charming presence. The sheer versatility of a well carved wooden pot will take your home’s style quotient up by leaps and bounds. You can use it as a flower pot or even stow umbrellas or canes if the wooden pot is tall enough and wide enough.

Let us look at the various areas in which you can place a wooden pot stand.

Spruce Up Your Living Room with a Beautiful Wooden Pot Stand

The living room will greatly benefit from a vase pot or a wooden pot for a plant. These pots can be quite sturdy so that you can place plants in them and let them grow and breathe. The vase stand in wood can also be used to hold the pot so that you have a wholesome statement in place. The vase stand can be welded with wrought iron too, so that you have a contrast statement with the black metal and the rich brown polish of the wood. This will add plenty of style and glamour to your home. It can also soften the most contemporary lines and add much polish and finesses to an ethnic and whimsical style living room. The wooden pot stand should be combined in various sizes in one corner of the living room.

Relax in Your Terrace with the View of Pretty Flowers in Wooden Pots

Outdoor spaces can also be decorated with a number of vase pots in many shapes and sizes, to lend some character. You can place these vase pots next to a swing or some benches where one can sit and enjoy the breeze. The vase stand, in such a case, should be sturdy one that can hold the weight of various plants, and the wood should be matured and seasoned as well, so that it can withstand the temperature changes and rain as well.

A Wooden Pot with a Plant is a Positive Décor Option for Your Bedroom

Wooden pots for plants can be a wonderful addition to a bedroom or even a guest bedroom. These vase stands can be placed in a corner of the bedroom or on either side of the entrance to the bedroom, if you have well carved and antique doors. You can even design a reading nook in the bedroom so that you can arrange these wooden pots for plants with floor cushions and pretty white curtains.

Welcome Guests with Elan with a Wooden Pot Stand Plants

The foyer is the entrance to your home and it speaks volumes about the personality of your interiors. So, you can place large wooden pots with stands for an old school effect in this space. You can pair this with vintage mirrors in heavy wooden frames and end tables so that you have a classic look in place. Make sure you choose antique, royal, affordable, and durable wooden pots.

So, you can now buy wooden pot online and decorate your living space with beautiful flowers and indoor plants.