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Article: Wooden Dining Table Design for Home & Office

Wooden Dining Table Design

Wooden Dining Table Design for Home & Office

Classic style never goes outdated! And the dining space of your home or office deserves a perfect classic elegant look with a pleasant modern touch. And nothing is better than wood to bring the best of two worlds. But the influx of sleek dining table design in recent times has been pushing the wooden dining table design in the traditional or ethnic home interior bracket only. But, things are changed now for good! Craftsmen of the nation are designing modern wooden dining tables that perfectly suit all types of modern dining spaces, be they in your homes or offices. Check out these wooden latest dining table design options for different dining spaces, both in classic and contemporary styles.

For Your Home

dining table design

The wooden dining table design for the home should be picked depending on the rest of the interior style. Your dining table should make your dining room instantly attractive for sure, but you wouldn't want it to mismatch or clash with the surrounding theme of décor. Here are a few options of wood dining table design suitable for different styles of home.

  • Vintage Style Wooden Dining Table: Vintage style wooden tables always make a statement by themselves. Generally made from solid sturdy wood with a rich tone, this type of dining table makes a lasting impression on the onlookers. They give an instant elegant vibe and add a level of sophistication to your dining space.

  • Wooden Dining Table with Marble Top: Marble table-tops are classy and exquisite, and can be molded into any shape. While placed on an ethnic style or modern style wooden frames or stand, the table becomes more durable and also gives your dining space a unique look. This modern dining table design is also ideal to place adjacent to a contemporary modular kitchen.

  • Rustic Wooden Dining Table: A wooden dining table with rustic style and finish create a natural look in your dining room. It can instantly add a beautiful raw appeal to your home interiors. You can pair it with matching wooden chairs, and particularly one or two long wooden benches to bring in more rustic charm.

  • Wooden Dining Table with Tile Designing: Tile detailing on a wooden dining table bears the sign of refined and elegant aesthetic taste. You can choose tables with little pieces of tiles fitted on top and sides to add a pop of colour to the monotonous wooden tone. Or else, go for a wooden dining table top design fully fitted with colourful tiles, for a strikingly vibrant and opulent look.

  • Low Rise Wooden Dining Table: A low rise dining table is perfect for a traditional ethnic dining setup. This is ideal for families who prefer to have their meal sitting on the floor. The absence of chairs makes this type of dining table conveniently space-saving, as well as a statement piece on its own.

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For Your Office

The dining space of your office needs furniture that is comparatively modern, stylish, and easy-going. Instead of placing a bulky traditional styled wooden dining table, opt for one or two long but movable functional tables or a few small-sized sleek tables to fill up the cafeteria zone. Here are a few wooden latest dining table design ideas to spruce up your office space. 

  • Wooden Dining Table with Glass Top: Combining classic and contemporary together, a glass tablet-top on a wooden frame or stand is possibly the best dining table design you can get for any space. The wood gives a vintage look, while glass brings in some modern flair. Easy to clean and maintain, this type of table suits almost every style of décor.

  • Laminated Top Wooden Dining Table: Ideal for office dining areas, wooden dining tables with laminated table-tops are sleek, stylish, and easy to maintain. The table-tops can be of steel or metal, which adds a touch of sparkling shine to the space. While the base is made from wood, a modern dining table design like this conveniently becomes more sturdy and durable.

  • Industrial Style Wooden Dining Table: This type of dining table is simple but highly functional. Long wooden table-tops are fitted on a metal base and stands to craft these tables. You can make the table as long as you need to place it against a wide wall, accommodating all your colleagues at lunchtime.

  • Shaker Wooden Dining Table: Shaker wooden tables are usually compact, simple, and rectangular. Balanced on long wooden pillars, this table rises a bit higher than normal, giving it a tough and formal look. This type of table is perfect for those coffee or brunch meetings with your clients.

  • Wooden Pedestal Based Dining Table: This kind of modern table throws a cool touch to any dining space. The wooden pedestal of the table can be in any shape and style, depending on the size of the space. Arrange it with matching stylish sleek chairs to instantly enhance the entire look of your office dining area.

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For Compact Spaces

4 seater dining table

Compact spaces need more careful attention during decoration and furnishings. To make the best of small dining spaces, you’ll need dining tables that take less space yet don't compromise on style and functionality. Here are a few small dining table design ideas with neat or creative styles for compact or couple-sized dining areas.

  • Square Wooden Dining Table: A small square shaped wooden dining table is perfect for a little family or a cosy couple setting. Generally coming in 4 seater dining table design, it looks elegant and provides a comfortable space for each diner. This type of table can be crammed into any corner of your intimate dining space.

  • Round Wooden Dining Table: Round shaped small dining tables are perfect for a little family. Stylish and offbeat, it can be crammed into any corner, yet enhancing the look of the surrounding with a vintage flair. The absence of edge here is more convenient to adjust an additional guest or two comfortably.

  • Geometric Angled Wooden Dining Table: Wooden dining tables with angular geometric shapes are stylish and functional. A hexagonal or octagonal dining table takes as much space as a same-sized round table but crucially gives a bit extra space on top. Creatively crafted, these tables are ideal to add an elegant touch to your dining area.

  • Oval Wooden Dining Table: Oval shape in tables is known for providing functional wide space to the people dining together. Choose a narrow or broad base depending on the size of your dining area. While paired with wooden chairs, it can be a lovely dining table set for a compact family.

  • Folding Wooden Dining Table: This type of table is perfect for tiny compact spaces. These can come in any shape and size you want. The folding stands give you the freedom to remove the table and tuck it aside after dining is over, enabling you to make the most of your space.



Choosing the right dining table is about nothing but finding the perfect fit suitable to your home interior style. In the case of a dining table, a new design has always been in demand. So, have a look through different table-tops or unique shapes before you select the final one. While you can get a plethora of options in dining table design, wooden ones are certainly the most elegant and long-lasting. There’s no denying that they are going to remain forever in fashion.

Now, if you are looking online for your ideal dining table, latest design is not in a limitation there. Several online stores and websites like Woodsala are there for you, to give you numerous options to choose from. They also can custom made your dining table as per your choice and deliver it straight to your doorstep. So, the world is your oyster indeed!


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