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Article: Wall Clock Vastu: How to Choose Position, Shape and Direction

Wall Clock Vastu: How to Choose Position, Shape and Direction

Wall Clock Vastu: How to Choose Position, Shape and Direction

In traditional homes of yore, a wall clock with a pendulum ticking away in a sombre atmosphere was common. Décor has changed since those days and so have clocks. Today clocks are not only gadgets to tell the time, but also works of art. Clocks in every size, colour, shape and material are available in the market to take care of every need.

This brings forth the question of placement. Which is the best direction for wall clock? And more importantly what are the Vaastu shastra guidelines for placing clocks? Let’s find out.

Direction for wall clock as per Vastu, A hanging wall clock: Where do you put it?

Following Vaastu guidelines, while placing a clock in your home, can ensure the flow of peace, positivity, and prosperity. As per Vaastu, the ideal directions for wall clocks are east, west, and north. The southern direction is not considered suitable for this purpose. While west is considered suitable, it should be an option only if it is not possible to place your clock in the east or north directions.

The Best Locations for Prosperity

Where to hang wall clock in living room? Well, these pointers will show you where you should place your clock. The God of wealth, Kubera, is said to reign over the north direction. So, if its wealth you desire, north direction is ideal for your clock. As Indra, the king of Gods, dominates the east direction, it is a desired location for your time piece. West is the domain of the God of rains, Varun. This signifies stability. So, clock on west wall Vaastu, is not a bad choice. As the south is ruled by Yama, the God of death, you want to avoid that direction!

Apart from the direction, one place to strictly avoid is the top of any entrance to your home. Also important to note; ideally the clock should never exceed the height of your doorway.

Wall Clock in Bedroom as Per Vastu: Where to Hand Your Clock

Wall Clock in Bedroom as Per Vastu

  • When you are thinking of clock in bedroom Vaastu, the best direction for your clock is east. The other alternative is the northern direction. However, if your head is in the south direction when you sleep, the wall clock should be hung in the northern direction.
  • If possible, place the wall clock as far away from your bed as possible; either in the east or north direction.
  • To attract prosperity in your bedroom, place your clock in the northern direction.
  • Hanging calendars or clocks outside the walls of the home is strictly not advisable.

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The Working and Appearance of Your Wall Clock

clock in bedroom Vaastu

Make sure all the wall clocks in your home are in working order. Ensure that the glass is spotless and without cracks. Clean the clock regularly and make sure you have batteries handy.

Try to ensure that the clock shows the correct time. A few minutes ahead of time is not a problem. However, make sure that the clock is not behind time. In the event that there is a problem with your time piece, get it repaired immediately. If repair is not possible, then discard the clock.

Wall Clock Shape According To Vastu

Wall Clock Shape According To Vastu

When it comes to shape of Wall Clock as per Vaastu, a round shaped clock is ideal. So, if you are thinking of buying a clock, opt for a round shape.

Pendulum clocks Vaastu in the bedroom are a strict no-no as per Vaastu. These clocks can create disharmony in your living space. In the event you have a pendulum clock in any other area of your house, make sure it is in the east direction.

Wall Clock Colour As Per Vastu: What Colour Should You Choose?

Wall Clock Colour As Per Vastu

Apart from the direction, colour too plays a vital role in Vaastu. And if you are wondering, which colour of clock according to Vaastu, these tips will help you.

In case your clock is in the northern direction of your home, make sure it is grey, white or metallic in colour. If they are chimes clocks, its best if they have pleasant chiming sounds.  Wooden clocks have a charm of their own. And since you don’t find them in run-of-the-mill shops, it adds exclusivity to your carved wooden round clock.

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Places To Avoid When You Hang Your Clock

best direction for wall clock

  • Avoid placing clocks in doorways. It is not the best direction for wall clock.
  • Places next to wires, and electric outlets are not a good place for your clock; not only because it lacks design appeal, but also because it attracts negative energy.
  • If you have a picture of a relative, who has passed away, on your wall, it’s best not to keep your clock next to it.
  • Avoid placing pendulum clocks in bedrooms.
  • Make sure there is no reflection of your bed in the glass of your wall clock. Check the clock face for reflection from all angles before you put it up.
  • With the popularity of super hero movies, clocks with images of super heroes and violent scenes are common. Images of violence, negativity, or crime on a clock face are best avoided when making a purchase.
  • In case you already possess a wall clock with images of struggle, war or poverty, remove it instantly as it brings bad luck. Images of strife and blood shed attract negative forces and bring bad luck.

Clocks And their Significance

  • The clock signifies the passage of time and has always been important in many cultures over the years. In ancient times in the west, the clock was stopped when a person passed away, signifying the time of death. And superstitions regarding broken clocks that start working again or chiming were rampant; it was thought of as a warning of approaching death.
  • As far back as the 1800s, it was believed that turning the clock hands backwards brought bad luck. Superstitions and beliefs regarding clocks come from the mechanism of the time piece, which consists of many wheels turning around.
  • Gifting a clock or watch was considered inauspicious in many cultures. Some of these beliefs still persist.
  • Vaastu and Feng Shui too, consider the placement of a clock significant. Where you place it can change the energy in your home.

Positive energy is important in a living space. And the placement of clocks can change the equation of your life to bring peace, joy, and prosperity. A step in the right direction would be to get a round wooden clock!



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