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Article: Cook up a Storm in 2022 with These Small Kitchen Design Ideas

Cook up a Storm in 2022 with These Small Kitchen Design Ideas

Cook up a Storm in 2022 with These Small Kitchen Design Ideas


The kitchen was always a utilitarian place with a counter and a few odd shelves; until recent times when it found its rightful place in home décor ventures. However, with the Covid-19 virus rearing its ugly head, the footfalls in the kitchen have increased; and today it’s no more the domain of women, as men too cook up a storm when they feel the urge. 

With the kitchen buzzing with activity, a pleasing décor becomes essential. And if you are planning on decorating your space, you might be interested in finding out more about what’s in trend in the coming year for small kitchen design ideas. Let’s check out the hot trends!

Try Bold Natural Materials

Small kitchen design ideas

It's all about the intrinsic beauty of natural materials and structural fundamentals. It's time to explore materials like natural wood and stone. Granite has always been a popular choice for countertops as it's lasting and versatile. And if space and design allow, stone flooring or stone on the walls can make a lot of difference in your small kitchen furniture décor. Slate, sandstone, and limestone are some of the options. 

Where cabinets are concerned, natural wood is a classic best and a good choice for small kitchen design Indian style. You can embellish the existing structure with wooden cabinet doors and fresh paint. 

The beauty of raw materials in their natural form will give your kitchen a rustic appeal.


Sleek And Smart Is In!

small simple kitchen design

There is nothing quite like sleek and unblemished countertops and shelves to make your kitchen look beautiful. This, in short means, putting the clutter away! Kitchen gloves and wipes, jars and appliances, not to mention cooking pots and pans cluttering the counter space can ruin the sleek look. When thinking of your small simple kitchen design, make sure you have storage for all the sundries and what-nots. For small kitchens, storage space up to the ceiling is the way out. 

Where possible, keep your appliances in cabinets, and go for cabinetry with subtle or no handles.

Glazed Tiles Make a Style Statement

small kitchen design ideas 2022 

Tiles on kitchen walls have always been around. And 2022 trends take this style a step further by opting for glazed tiles. Rich hues such as ultramarine blue, rust, emerald green, or turquoise blue bring out the charm of your kitchen décor, giving it a polished look. You can pair these tiles with wooden kitchen cabinets for a rustic contrast. 

Glazed tiles are not only easy to clean, but they also reflect light, giving your space a surreal feel. This trend works well with small spaces as even a small area of these glazed wonders can light up the room.

Moroccan zellige tiles with their rustic texture are another option. These handcrafted wonders will add character to your space; especially if you prefer a rustic décor. Small kitchen design tips cannot be complete without the charm of these decadent tiles!

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Glass Partitions are an Exciting Trend!

Small kitchen design tips

Small open kitchen designs have a niche following in India; a concept that is very popular in the west. Finding the middle ground with glass partitions is one way to go. You can opt for total transparency if you dare, or select tinted-glass partitions that allow the light but cut down on the noise and kitchen smells. And they afford a bit of privacy when your kitchen is a mess!

These glass partitions are appealing to the eye. Not only are they functional, but look gorgeous too! You can try sectional framing, or play around with different styles and designs. Functional, yes. But alluring too! The keyword is appealing, and small kitchen design ideas 2022, promise this and a lot more!


Layer your Lighting

budget kitchen ideas

It’s not very easy to get your lighting right, especially in the kitchen. Tackle the task lighting first. These lights will illuminate your workspaces. For aesthetic lighting, you can choose pendant lighting or a single hanging lamp in your small kitchen. Spots at intervals also work. When you have the ‘small kitchen ideas on a budget,’ vibe going, lighting will help elevate your design without burning a hole in your pocket!


Go Natural with The Accents

simple kitchen design 2022

Interest in natural materials such as wickerwork lighting, straw baskets for fruits, and rustic planters are in. A perfect match for your wooden kitchen cabinets! You can add wooden chopping boards, small sanduk boxes to store your grocery lists and keys, to add the decorative element to your kitchen. Floating wooden shelves and small decorative kitchen cabinets in wood are also in trend. These simple kitchen design ideas do the trick all the time!


The Magic of Black

 modern kitchen design ideas

Black colour on the walls, the cabinetry, and work surfaces are in. And while it would be overpowering in a small kitchen, you can opt for this gorgeous colour in your tiles and accessories, bringing out the richness of your wooden cabinets. A black stone flooring will add sophistication and class to your kitchen. The white ceiling and walls will accentuate the black beautifully, by bringing out the richness of the shade. This rustic look is the ideal kitchen makeover for 2022. If you are thinking of a small kitchen design modern vibe, this is right up your alley!

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Clever Storage with Vintage Cabinets

Natural wooden cabinets and cupboards are ideal for storing your crockery and also give the room a vintage vibe. The unique look of these cabinets gives your kitchen an old-world charm that is warm and inviting. 

Make sure to paint or polish your cabinet in the chosen colour scheme so that it blends into the design of the kitchen beautifully. There is a large variety of designs and styles to please your discerning taste. has a beautiful collection. You might want to check them out before making a decision. 


Contrasts and Asymmetry Rule!

Mixed materials, contrasting pops of colour, and ideas can be magical in your small kitchen. A combination of granite, brass fittings, and wooden cabinetry is a marriage made in heaven!

Go with contrasting work surfaces, demarking the different zones of your kitchen. There is a strange sense of harmony even in contrasting colours and materials when they are well-matched. 

Cabinets need not be uniform in colour. You can select a strip of coloured cabinet shutters, in a sea of wood. 


Textures and Dimensions

The traditional kitchen is making a modern comeback with kitchen panelling, and scalloped cabinetry. These wooden cabinets are a wonderful relief when compared to clinical smooth surfaces. 

You can use texture in your rough tiles, wooden surfaces, and accessories. And if you think it is not possible to do much in a small kitchen, think again. The window alone allows a lot of opportunity for texture and dimension in the frame. 

And if you feel that too much texture will overpower your space, design experts suggest adding texture to only a niche area of your kitchen. This can be around the kitchen window or even the cooking stove. This will add to the impact of the décor. 


Go Green

greens kitchen design ideas

With a focus on the environment, green is a popular choice for kitchens. You have a lot of choices; the bold and brash emerald in the glazed tiles; or the dark forest greens on your cabinets. How about a splash of sage or grey-green paint on your walls? Or maybe beige?

Whichever colour suits you; one thing that is sure to elevate this green theme is a tiny kitchen garden on your window sill. Pair this with floral cafeteria curtains; or blinds, if you prefer. Frankly, there are a lot of options, once you get the ball rolling.


Colour will take Priority 

wooden -kitchen design 2022

One design trend all celebrity interior designers vouch for is colour and more colour. This applies for the kitchen, too. Not surprisingly, the demand for white cabinetry is seeing a downward trend. 

With morphing trends, clients too want to experiment, rather than play safe. Bolder hues for kitchen cabinets are much in demand this season. Countertops are not far behind. Interesting features on stone; such as dramatic veins or streaks are in vogue. 

Teal cabinetry with light grey or cream countertops is a great choice. A combination of glossy and matte, the contrast in tones and styles is in trend. How about black lacquered cabinets with rust-coloured floating shelves? Or wooden cabinets with pea-green accents on the tiles and the wall paint? Exciting, isn’t it?


Wooden Flooring

 kitchen flooring ideas

Where kitchen flooring ideas are concerned, 2022 will see the popularity of wood soar, be it natural, or vinyl soar. Easy to maintain and clean, wood is a natural choice. 

Wood-effect tiles laid in patterns such as herringbone accentuate the décor with aplomb. As they rarely fade, the warmth and style of this flooring is a favourite; with designers as well as clients. 

Sustainability is a deciding factor now and eco-friendly flooring materials such as cork, lino, and wood are making waves in the market. People are doing their bit for the environment by opting for eco-friendly products.

Designing a space is a lot of fun; more so when it's your kitchen. After all, that’s where you spend a large part of your day! Armed with these exciting ideas, you are sure to end up with interesting décor for your kitchen. What better way to amp the décor than give it your unique design stamp? Right?

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