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Article: Living Room Decor Mistakes You Should Avoid

living room mistakes

Living Room Decor Mistakes You Should Avoid

A living room is probably the most important room in a house. It’s a room where a family gathers and spends time together. It is also where you entertain your guests. Alongside the kitchen, it can act as the nucleus of the house around which everybody else gravitates. However, there are some common living room decorating mistakes that can take away from the room’s shine and cause problems in the long run. Here are some decor mistakes to avoid and how you can fix them!

Choosing the Wrong Sofa

Often, you can get stuck on having a sofa in your living room and the room gets built around the sofa, and not the other way around. Sofas are the main attraction of the living room. They’re most often the biggest pieces of furniture in there. While choosing your living room furniture, always keep an open mind and do not fixate on a particular item, especially one so big that it can change your entire room’s look. Yes, your old sofa might be the comfiest and fluffiest thing on earth, but it’ll also be the biggest eyesore in your new house! To pick the right sofa, measure correctly and know the right dimensions.

Decorating it with too Many Expensive Things

A living room’s purpose is to be a room that’s liveable, not one that has all your expensive furniture packed in so that you’re scared to even sit on a surface. One of the biggest living room decorating mistakes is to place many expensive pieces in the living room just so that the room appears rich. A living room design can bind the whole house together. Choose a balance of fancy and functional furniture while making your choices so that your room has some pretty things but can also handle the wear and tear of your daily routine!

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Being too Minimalistic

We cannot stress on this enough that a living room is one of the focal points of your homes. So it is important that it makes an impact. However, a lot of the time people opt for the minimal look and end up overdoing it. If you’re opting for a minimalistic look for your living room, some decor mistakes to avoid would be to be too while and too bland. Opt for a splash of colour somewhere, or maybe wooden furniture to uplift your muted background! Do not be scared of disturbing the look.

Skimping on Seating

One living room common decorating mistake is not having enough seating. This could create a problem as living rooms are used for gatherings of family and guests. If you don’t have enough seating, you’ll always be scampering around, bringing in chairs from dining tables to settle everybody. Having a mixture of seating - chairs, sofas, ottomans, chaise, etc. can make the room feel fuller and also give everybody a place to sit. The key here is to have enough places without making it obvious. You can choose a trunk as a table that can also double as a seating option when required.

Improper Rug Sizes

Rugs can change the way your decor is set up. With the right rug, your room can look cosy, snug and inviting. A small rug that doesn’t go under your living room furniture properly will make the room feel small and disproportionate. When choosing a rug, ensure that you get one that covers your entire living room sofa and table set. If you can’t get one that big due to some reason, choose one that at least covers half your furniture, or choose a rug especially for your coffee table. For rugs, the philosophy of the bigger, the better works well.

Not Having Enough Light Sources

Don’t be the kind of homeowner who has only one light source in the room. A bad living room design is one with insufficient light sources. Having a well-lit room appears brighter and more inviting, whether to family or to guests. It also highlights all your design elements and ensures that all areas of the room are well lit, so you don’t have to huddle under that one single light to read. Instead of going for a single type of light in multiple places, chose to add different types of light sources like spotlights, lamps, bulbs, etc. Natural light is also a great addition as nothing is better than nature anyhow! 

Not Adding Art

Living room furniture alone cannot enliven a room. Plain, bland walls can make the room feel empty and flat. If you’re not opting to get patterned or textured walls, your best bet is to hang up your favourite art pieces to spruce up the place. The wall space behind the sofa is a common spot chosen to hang up pieces, as well as one above the fireplace. Keep your pieces at eye level for a more balanced look. This will add a splash of colour to walls and tie the decor together, as well as give your guests something to look at when they visit! You can also add some colourful knickknacks around the room, as a fun element.

Pushing Furniture up Against the Wall

Unless you’re hosting a dance class or holding a yoga session in the middle of your living room, there’s no need to have all your living room furniture pushed up against the wall. Not only does it create a vacuum in the middle, it also takes away walking space from behind. Symmetrical arrangement is one of the most popular styles of furniture layout to opt for when decorating the room. Look for ways that will help you keep balance and cohesiveness throughout the room instead of having one section heavier than the other!

There are many ways your living room decorating mistakes can overshadow your entire decor, but thankfully, with an easy fix you can have your room shine to its full potential. For more options of traditional and modern wooden furniture options for your living room, visit our website and choose from a wide variety!

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