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Article: Wooden Temple Design to Bring Grace and Serenity into Your Home

Wooden Temple Design to Bring Grace and Serenity into Your Home

Wooden Temple Design to Bring Grace and Serenity into Your Home

Contemporary or traditional, minimal or kitschy, if there is one element that no home can do without, it is a serene spot for your daily prayers or meditation sessions. In all the chaos of the daily routine, this is the corner where you let your worries float away and connect with something Universal that lifts your spirits and grants you inner peace and calm. For many people, pujas are a daily ritual. Even if it isn’t a part of your daily routine, you may still love these Wood Temple Design for Home to create a spot in your house that puts you in a positive mood or reminds you of your childhood home. In these ethnic-styled home temple design, wooden carvings and patterns are crafted meticulously to arrest your attention instantly. Such wooden temple designs are ideal for beautifying your pooja room, as well as to enhance the auspicious ambience in your home.

Small and Compact

This compact wood temple design for homes is perfect for a small space, where you don’t have a lot of space to set apart for your prayers and rituals. In that case, this Open Rooftop Wooden Temple will create a special spot anywhere in the house for your favourite deities.


This small but beautiful structure is the perfect platform before which you can light a lamp or set your prayer books. This perfect Wood Temple Design for Home incorporates four pillars in light wood that reminds you of the grand temples you visited with your family on religious trips.

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Free-standing Teak Wood Temple

You would love to start your day with a soothing prayer session before this handcrafted temple made of natural seasoned teak wood. Woodsala’s Teak Wood House Temple is a beautiful structure with four legs, a platform for your idols or lamps, and a roof.

Elegant Abode for the Gods

If daily prayer and puja are integral to you and your family, create the perfect atmosphere for it with this divine wooden temple design. The Pretty Tiered Wooden Mandir from Woodsala is perfect for your temple design for home. It is made of premium teak wood and handcrafted to perfection to put you in a spiritual mood. Your family will love the moments spent together, invoking the blessings of the Supreme One before this beautiful elegant temple.

Aspects of Placing Wooden Temples in Home

temple design for home

When it comes to creating a pious environment, a wooden temple for home plays an important role. Which is why placement of the temple needs to be done carefully. Be it a traditional or a modern home temple design, choosing the right temple and placing it in the right position according to astrology or Vaastu can enhance the vibe of positivity and peace in your home. Here are the most important aspects to keep in mind, while placing a wooden temple in your home:

  • The Material: The ideal material for any temple design at home is the wood. According to Vaastu Shastra, wooden temples are considered as more religious, propitious, and auspicious for homes. The temple can be made from any kind of wood. But the most common and popular choices are sheesham wood or rosewood, teak wood or shagaun wood, and mango wood. These woods make excellent wooden mandir design for home. Marble temples are also considered appropriate.
  • The Height: The height of the wooden temple should be at the chest level or eye level of the person standing or sitting in front of it. It should be appropriate for the seating arrangement, so that the idols can be kept straight in front of the person offering prayers. Placing the idols at a lower height makes it difficult to see the deities and would also be disrespectful. The basic thumb rule here is to place the temple at least on some support or foundation above the ground, instead of placing it directly on the floor.
  • The Placement: There are a few Vaastu-compliant directions to perfectly place a wooden temple for home. The eastern and north-eastern side of a home are considered to bring in more positive energy and good luck. So, it is best to place the wooden mandir in that position or corner. Also, worshippers should always sit on some kind of insulation platform while offering prayers, like a mat, carpet, stool or pooja chowki, or bajot.
  • The Maintenance: Irrespective of the mandir design for home, wooden or otherwise, you need to clean it regularly. Generally, when it is built from wood, any temple for home design is durable and sturdy. But regular cleaning and occasional polishing will enhance the longevity of the temple. Oil spills, dried flowers, and incense ashes must be removed regularly after prayers. Mix a few drops of any light detergent in warm water and wipe clean the wooden surfaces and nooks and crannies of the temple. Then wipe again with a dry cloth to remove any mark or spot on the surfaces.

Wooden Temple Decoration Ideas you Will Love

Many more ideas of wooden temple designs await you at Woodsala, so you can bring the positive energy of prayer into your home. Here are some ideas for wooden temple decoration to put you in a peaceful mood:

  • Lights: Insert tiny spotlights into the roof of the wooden temple to illuminate the idols to perfection. Ceiling lights can be positioned in a way that the area is always aglow in soft light. Make it modern with a string of fairy lights over the wooden temple.
  • Diyas: The traditional clay lamps usually brought out at Diwali can look beautiful around your wooden temple. Create a special atmosphere by lighting a few coloured diyas around your temple every day.
  • Rangoli: Make it a practice to create a small rangoli before your wooden temple every day. This is a calming practise that will give you an experience of mindfulness. It will also remind you to be in touch with your spiritual side and bring you joy with the beautiful designs.
  • Flowers: Fresh flowers may not be practical every day, but every time you feel like making it special, deck up your wooden temple with traditional flowers.
  • Brass artefacts: Wood and brass are the traditional materials used for puja and there is something soothing about seeing the two together. Buy as many miniature brass implements as you can for your wooden mandir. It will make the experience even more special.

The pooja room or prayer room is a precious and holy part of your abode. And placing a wooden temple with intricate designs and beautiful carvings will not only aesthetically upgrade the prayer room, but also fill the entire household with a pious essence. Buy a wooden temple online today to invite divine blessings into your home. You will be gifting you and your dear ones precious moments of peace. Wooden temples are also a perfect housewarming gift for someone you care deeply about. Be it something in ethnic style or modern, you will find many options when it comes to wood temple design for home both online and offline.


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