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Article: DIY Shoe Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

DIY Shoe Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

DIY Shoe Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

Shoe, shoe everywhere and not enough places to store? Not having an appropriate storage solution for footwear can not only clutter the space but also damage shoes or spoil the look of the delicate ones. If you want to keep investing in a shoe rack for a later time, then these DIY ideas for shoe storage can help you in storing footwear without compromising on the look and space availability. With these ideas, you can both make room for your shoes and add a touch of style to your home decor.

  1. Use baskets – Baskets make for excellent storage solutions. If you are short of space but love to have a shoe collection then using baskets can be an incredible way to add more space for shoes in your home. You can place the shoe baskets in your wardrobe, entryway or anywhere in the house—even on the top of the wardrobes. Opt for tiered baskets if you want to store all your shoes in one place but also make room for other things.

  2. Hang your shoes over the door When you are short on space, every square inch matters. You may have your eyes on a wooden shoe rack online but insufficient floor space may not allow you to accommodate it. However, you can always have a cool over-the-door hanging shoe rack which works wonders, especially for small spaces. You can keep your shoes as it is or in pouches and have them hanging at the back of the door.

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  3. Keep shoes under the bed Do not have enough space or budget for that fancy metal shoe rack that you saw online, but have enough space under your bed? Then you can simply place your shoes in pouches or as it is under the bed.

  4. Use empty paint cans for storage Do not throw away those empty paint cans. You can repurpose them as a storage option for your shoes. This is one of the most clever shoe storage solutions especially for flip-flops and flat shoes.

  5. Built-in shoe rack You can make a built-in wooden rack for shoes with the help of some wooden boards. You just need to fix the boards directly into the wardrobe, on a bedroom wall or behind a door and keep your shoes on them. You can use as many wooden boards as you want or have space to hold all of your favourite shoes.

  6. Cardboard shoe rack – Create your cardboard shoe storage solution by cutting a piece of cardboard to the size you need and then scoring it into three equal sides. Then, use duct tape to join the pieces to form triangular tubes. You may make as many such tubes as you need. Then, connect all the triangular tubes using glue to make rows. You may place the rows of storage units into a big cardboard box. Stack up the rows on top of each other and your DIY cardboard shoe rack is ready. Recycled cardboard shoe racks are a perfect storage solution for small spaces.

  7. Use a Tiny Ladder Ladders can make for a great storage rack for shoes, especially if you want to display your collection. To add an oomph factor to your home decor, lean a wooden ladder against one of the walls of your dressing area or bedroom, and place your best-looking shoes on the steps. It does not take much space and helps in storing several pairs of shoes in one place.

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  8. Use Hangers for Flat Shoes – Is your shoe organiser short of space? Free up some space there by using metal or plastic hangers to keep your shoes neatly organised in one place.

  9. Hanging shoe organiser for toddler shoes – Partly shoe organiser and partly decor piece, this type of hanging shoe storage can be used to add certain cuteness to your toddler’s room. It will also make it easier for your child to see the shoe options and choose the footwear of the day. You can hang it in the wardrobe, at the back of the door or even on a visible wall as a room décor object.

  10. Turn wooden crates into a DIY rack – Old wooden crates can be put to use and converted into a DIY shoe rack. You can paint the wooden crates and screw them on top of each other or create a pattern by placing some horizontally and some vertically to fit all different types of shoes. You can also add casters under the rack to make it easy to move. If you want to give it a rustic feel, sand the wood using steel wool or a sand block. Once you are satisfied with the finish, just wipe it down with a tack cloth. You can place this DIY shoe rack in your bedroom, the entryway or wherever convenient for you.

A small space does not mean having to compromise on storing your beloved shoes in a good way. These hacks will help you solve shoe storage issues with options that suit your home and decor best. With these ideas, you need not postpone buying yet another beautiful pair of shoes just because you do not have enough space.

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