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How to Choose the Perfect Wooden Stool for Your Office

How to Choose the Perfect Wooden Stool for Your Office

Stools are not the first thought today for seating when compared to modern office chairs, recliners etc .Yet, they are the oldest forms of seating furniture. Today Stools are not just used for seating but has wide usage both in home or office setting. Use it as stand-alone sculpture, an additional seating or simply to make your neglected corners come to life, modern stools are a useful piece of artefact that set the tone of a space.

Stools are a necessity in any workplace setting. Use it as a small movable table, storage space, in break rooms or cafeteria, an additional seating arrangement if the need arises or simply a statement decor.

Stools are not just functional but aesthetically pleasing too. They are a subtle design element that adds character and statement to the entire setting. Therefore they deserve careful consideration before you decide to buy one.

Here are some tips to help you get the perfect stool for your office:-

Usage – Do you need a stool to be used as seating furniture in your cabin, a decor in your lobby or waiting area or you want it for use in the cafeteria or break room? If you want to use it for additional seating, keep in mind the height, footrest etc. Also if you have a table, choose the height of the stool accordingly so that the person sitting on it can be at the same level with all the others. A solid round wooden stool or rectangle stool with legs is perfect for the same.

Material – Material is an important aspect of any furniture. Stools can be wooden or made of wrought iron. Choose stools made of solid wood like Teak etc which are durable and long-lasting. Wooden stool s is expensive but they are worth the investment. There are different types of wood available in the market which differ in quality so do your research and choose wisely. Ideally if you want something that is sturdy yet durable, choose teak. You can also choose wrought iron stools with wooden seat.

Dimensions – When considering dimensions, height, and weight and seat size are important considerations. This is also an important consideration for the type of seating for instance outdoor seating, children seating, seating in meetings in office or cafeteria seating.

Finish – This refers to the appearance of the wooden furniture. Wooden stools are available in natural grain finish or dark tone finish. Choose the right finish that complements the room decor and other furniture in the setting.

There are a wide range of wooden stools available. From solid rounded tools, carved stools with upholstery to simple cross-cross stools to long stools with footrest, Woodsala has it all. Just be mindful of the usage, the kind of space you have and other furniture in the setting. You don’t just want to add to the clutter. Apply due judgement and you’re sure to find something which will not just add comfort and convenience while at the same time lending necessary style statement to your workplace setting.