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Article: 6 Antique Furniture Trends That Will Always Be In Fashion

6 Antique Furniture Trends That Will Always Be In Fashion

6 Antique Furniture Trends That Will Always Be In Fashion

Many furniture trends come and go but there are some antique furniture trends that are here to stay. Most of us are pulled into new furniture trends which ultimately give space to newer ones. So, it is wise to invest in some timeless pieces that never go out of style. Now, as you already know, there is something about antique furniture. It instantly lends charm and class to any space. Here is a collection of some furniture classics that will always be in fashion:

  1. The chesterfield sofa – The chesterfield design is one of the most popular styles of sofas that there is. This style of sofa has British roots and it has been around since centuries. Over the years, it has withstood numerous upgradations in form and design, but without losing its traditional grandeur. With deep seated backing, button tufting and high-rolled arms, a chesterfield sofa looks as good in a modern interior setup as it would have looked in older times.

  2. Rugged sideboard – It is a dining room wooden furniture necessity that adds both storage and style to your space. A rugged sideboard has a distressed look all over the outer surface. If you decide to place it in the living room, you can display your accessories, books or even your gadgets. This antique furniture piece can also bring style and nostalgia to a bedroom when placed against a backdrop of lace furnishing options such as curtains and runners. You can also place some flowers in a vase on the top of the sideboard to highlight its rustic element.

  3. Chairs and loungers – Chairs and loungers with a vintage element can take one down the memory lane, whether you are looking for antique furniture online or in a store. For instance, wooden rocking chairs are a reminder of the older and slower times when an afternoon nap followed the slow rocking of the chair. A rocking chair will look good in any airy corner of the house. You can also add wicker or cane chairs in the balcony area or any other outdoor space.

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  4. Trestle table – Trestle table dates back to medieval times. It is a simple wood board placed over simple, folding legs. Most of the medieval houses did not have a defined dining area, and hence, trestle tables were designed to be easily put up and put down. These tables have passed the test of time and become more stylish, serving the function of bringing people together over a meal.

  5. Canopy bedCanopy beds are an integral part of Indian antique furniture. These were originally designed with curtains that would completely enclose the bed. In recent times, however, canopy beds have ditched the curtains and can be seen in the most urban of designs. These beds definitely make a bedroom dream-like.

  6. Built-in bookshelves – Built-in bookshelves render an old world charm even in a modern setting. A timeless trend that not only defines a space, but also instantly elevates it when done with well-chosen finishes. Built-in book shelves add storage and organization and create a timeless appeal at the same time.

When it comes to home and design, wood furniture trends have a crucial role to play. There are a few pieces like the above-mentioned ones that have withstood the test of time and continue to be loved for a reason. Such timeless furniture pieces will remain stylish for years to come, offer comfort and make any space super functional as well. Just make sure you pick up what you like from a reputed manufacturer or dealer, so that you don’t have to worry about the quality.  

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