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Article: Easy Ways to Lend a Rajasthani Touch To Your Interior Decor Scheme

Easy Ways to Lend a Rajasthani Touch To Your Interior Decor Scheme

Easy Ways to Lend a Rajasthani Touch To Your Interior Decor Scheme

Rajasthan, the royal state of India, never fails to impress. Be its magnificent palaces, folklore, colourful arts and crafts or intricately carved furniture, the state has a lot to offer in terms of ideas for your home décor project. By infusing a hint of Rajasthan in your home interiors and furnishings, you will feel closer to its rich culture and get to live like royalty. So, here are some easy Rajasthani interior décor ideas that you can play around with and impress your guests.

Miniature paintings

You can introduce Rajasthani interior elements by decorating the walls of your home with miniature paintings that portray the lives of Rajputs and showcase the magnificence of their era. You can buy these miniature paintings from local Rajahathani markets. These paintings have beautiful metallic frames that look more appealing due to the use of metallic spray paints. Artists use this paint to give a more aged and antique look to the paintings.


Jaalis are an integral part of the traditional Rajasthani interiors in havelis and palaces of the state. These create an enchanting play of light and shadow. So, if you have the space in your house, you can bring in jaalis for a royal ambience. Typically made of wood or fibreboards, jaalis are intricately carved partitions that provide private views and ventilation. You can place a jaali in the area between the kitchen and the dining room or near the foyer.

Low or floor seating arrangement

Upgrading to Rajasthani wooden furniture such as low or floor seating pieces can lend a royal touch to your house. You can look for Rajasthani furniture online and unique pieces such as a low diwan, sofa set or a low floor bedding with covers and cushions that feature intricate Rajasthani mirror work or stone work. This will add a touch of royalty to any room in an instant. You can position these furniture elements in the living room, dining room or even in one corner of your bedroom. Furniture pieces with low designs and intricate woodwork in shades of green, bright pink, or muted shades of mustard and red, can create an authentic Rajasthani ambiance.

Royal colours

Those who have visited the royal cities of Rajasthan, like Jodhpur, Jaipur and Jaisalmer, would know how colours are fundamental to the state’s culture and lifestyle. One can witness a dash of royal colours in the interior décor scheme of every Rajasthani house. You too can design your home with Rajasthani vibes by adding a touch of vibrant colours, such as orange, green or pink, to your walls, upholstered furniture or home décor pieces. Other colours such as peacock blue, brick red, and sky blue also convey the regal vibe of Rajasthan.


Rajasthan is popular for a variety of textiles that come with block prints, mirror work, bandhej or leheriya and stone work. You can lend a Rajasthani touch to your interiors by simply using these textiles as bedspreads, table mats, cushion covers, pillow covers or table top covers. For a more cohesive look, you can also add colourful wall hangings and paintings in different textile designs.

Puppets (Kathputlis)

Puppetry is an integral part of Rajasthan’s ancient culture and continues to be popular even today. Who knew puppets, also known as Kathputlis, could be a part of the interiors of a modern home? One can choose from a wide variety of these from local flea markets. You can choose to hang these puppets at your doorways. These also make for unique gifting options for family and friends, as they pass on a touch of tradition too.

Change the look of the cabinets

Cabinets serve as essential storage solutions in living rooms, bedrooms and kitchens, in every household. And nothing can beat the charm of traditional cabinets. Having traditional cabinets can add a royal touch to the overall aesthetics of your interiors. So, you can change the look of the cabinets in your house with bright paints and embellished stone work to lend a Rajasthani touch to them. You can use your cabinets as accents alongside other furniture pieces or even place them in a corner of your living room or bedroom.

Rajasthani crafts

Rajasthani handicrafts, which are famous all over the world, are reflective of the age-old traditions of the state. You can give a unique and traditional touch to your house by bringing in hand-woven rugs, layered pots, metal crafted wind chimes and other decorative items. All these things are made from a variety of materials such as stone, glass, marble, ivory etc. You can also add traditional framed mirrors to your dressing room or even your bathroom.

Relaxing space

A swing is a versatile piece of furniture that can be placed anywhere in your house. If there is not enough space, swap out one of your conventional seating options with a swing that has intricate Rajasthani woodwork. You can throw in some mirror work cushions for both comfort and a regal feel. This could be your personal space where you can read a book, put on your thinking hat, or just relax.

Intricate marble work

Rajasthan is known as the land of marble. The abundance of stone in the region has made it renowned for stone crafts. Their natural stone products are famous for their smooth texture, pleasant colours and designs. So, marble can be used for wall décor, flooring, and in the form of marble inlays and murals. A marble-based décor scheme will not only create a rich artistic look, but also add value to your property. One can use marble crafts in selected areas of the house to render a traditional Rajasthani touch, like in the garden, patio, foyer or living room.

So, you now know how to bring home the heritage of Rajasthan and infuse a sense of royalty in your interiors. To embrace the above ideas for Rajasthani decoration for home, you can introduce some bright colours, handicrafts, textiles, and traditional wooden furniture pieces. And all of this will make for an incredible look. Your home will surely tell a unique story and impress visitors.

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