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Article: 7 Proven Ways to Give Your Kitchen a Stunning Makeover

7 Proven Ways to Give Your Kitchen a Stunning Makeover

7 Proven Ways to Give Your Kitchen a Stunning Makeover

The kitchen is that room in your house that needs to be functional as well as visually pleasing, just like the dishes you prepare. However, time and rough use can dampen the looks of this space in many ways. In that case, you can go for DIY kitchen makeover ideas to give it a fresh lease of life without spending a fortune. All you need is some time, effort and creative ideas to get going. When shared with family members, this activity can also bring you all together. Here are some easy and creative kitchen makeover ideas that will help you out.

  1. Paint – Upscale your kitchen with a paint of your choice. It is easy to revive your kitchen with paint, be it just the cabinets or the walls. You can choose a single shade or contrasting colours to give a fresh look to the heart of your home. Light and pastel colours like cream, eggshell blue, pale pink or butter yellow render an overall airy and fresh look to any kitchen.

  2. Wallpaper –Choose a wall and put up statement wallpaper in your kitchen. Not only will it lend instant character to the kitchen but will also give it a homely appeal. You can choose from an array of wallpaper designs from large leafy patterns to ditsy prints according to the look you want to create.

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  3. Aesthetic wooden items – Often, wooden kitchen items like a compact rack, a classy wall cabinet or a trendy shelf can make a world of difference to the space. You can choose something that complements the size of your kitchen or something that can be mounted against the wall. A storage solution will not only revamp the visual appeal of the kitchen, but also control clutter. A beautiful chopping board or a set of wooden trays can add personality too.

  4. Statement lights – There is something so appealing about adding statement lights in the kitchen. It works brilliantly for small kitchen makeovers too, if you pick sleek pendant lights or cove lighting. You can add a series of pendant lights or one large statement piece (in case you have a large kitchen) to create a focal point. Do not forget to provide both task and mood lighting.

  5. Wall art – If you have the space, add a touch of art to your kitchen to infuse both warmth and personality. One of the best kitchen makeover ideas is to add neat paintings above the sink or in between cabinets. You can hang or lean photo frames or even some quirky objects like masks or beautiful plates. You can give your kitchen wall some makeover with some chalkboard paint too. This will allow you to make your kitchen shopping list way more fun.

  6. Bold kitchen tiles- You can go for a quick kitchen remodelling with some bold tiles available in a variety of patterns and colours. If done right, changing the kitchen tiles can seriously give the space a chic look. All you have to do is choose the right texture, pattern and colour scheme. You can also match the floor tiles with your countertops or create a stark contrast.

  7. Greenery - Don’t wish to spend a fortune on a small kitchen makeover? Just bring in some potted greens to liven up the ambience. For example, you can arrange small and vibrant pots along the windowsill or hand a quirky potted plant in one corner. If the design of your kitchen window permits, you can use a longish planter to grow a herb or spice garden too.

All in all, there is no need to blow your budget to give your kitchen a whole new look. The above kitchen makeover ideas will work quite well without burning a hole in your pocket. Also remember that since the kitchen is already a busy space full of activity, try to avoid changing anything that is too extreme. Changing the paint, adding some artwork, wooden pieces or statement lighting, or changing the tiles are some easy ways to add charm.

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