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Article: Serve Up a Surprise on a Beautiful Wooden Tray

Serve Up a Surprise on a Beautiful Wooden Tray

Serve Up a Surprise on a Beautiful Wooden Tray

Ditch the plastic and melamine because nothing spells elegance like a beautiful wooden tray. You can use it to showcase your sense of style and enhance the visual appeal of the food for your guests. Half the pleasure comes from its appearance, and an artistic serving tray can create that lasting impression. Next time, you are checking out wooden furniture online, make sure to browse the tray section, you will be amazed at the varieties on offer at Woodsala.

If you think wooden trays are a traditional choice, allow us to persuade you with these five fantastic reasons why you should add them to your kitchen collections.

They are beautiful to look at

Artistically carved woods are particularly pleasing to the eye. The traditional-style trays come with brass fittings or brass bottoms which make them stand out. The trays also come in contemporary styles with smart designs. Also, it looks elegant when served out of a gorgeous wooden tray.

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They are sturdy and useful

Wood is not a flimsy material – it can carry weight effortlessly. Even if you accidentally drop the tray, it does not get damaged. It is easy to clean, lasts long and retains that elegant factor. If a brand-new wooden tray catches your eye while furniture shopping, go for it, and don’t worry about the existing ones. You can easily put them to use around the house.

You can use the tray as a base for a showpiece or turn it into a newspaper or magazine stand for your coffee table. Because of the natural elegance of wood, it won’t look out of place even in your living room.

They are fuss-free and low maintenance

Got a spill of juice or dripping ketchup on your tray? Just wipe or wash it off! You can easily clean the wooden tray while retaining the colour and shape. Your kids can even use it as a holder to keep their coloured pencils and markers, to avoid creating a mess on the floor.

You can upcycle them

If you have wooden tray that you have been using for long? There is no reason to throw it away! Simply think of a different look and use some polish to freshen the tray up. Add brass edges or a brass base. If it has plain handles, you can have them replaced with interesting metal handles. You can also put some velvet cloth on the inside to create a brand-new look for the tray. Allow your kids to paint interesting motifs on the sides to reinvent a plain old tray. Use a set of them as unique wall hangings.

While serving guests, add a small brass or crystal showpiece for visual impact.

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You can directly serve food on them

You don’t have to use your wooden tray only to carry glasses or bowls of food – you can use it to directly serve food, for instance, fried snacks or cheeses. Check out the snack trays at Woodsala next time you are looking at online furniture, you will see how elegant they are. If you have a set of trays of the same design in different sizes, you can use those to serve tasty snacks refreshment at a tea party.

Wooden trays are a great addition to your home and can also be considered a wonderful gifting option. Because of its utility and affordability, you can simply go to the tray selection any time you are thinking to buy furniture online and add another to your collection for an immediate upgrade to your hosting skills.

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