Handy Tips for Buying an Aesthetic and Functional Sofa

Handy Tips for Buying an Aesthetic and Functional Sofa

A sofa is undoubtedly among the most important pieces of furniture in a home and one that may last for many years if chosen well.  So, it is important to know what to look for and then take a decision. A comfortable and functional sofa is what you should ideally search for, and not just one that is visually arresting. So, here is a sofa buying guide that can come in immensely handy.

  1. Measure the size carefully – It is always wise to measure the entire space of your living room where the sofa will go- the height and width, whether the room is big or small and whether you want to include other pieces of furniture like chairs. It is also wise to consider the size of the spaces the sofa will go through to get there. While it is obvious to first consider the measurements of the space where you wish to place the furniture. It is also wise to ask yourself whether the sofa you are aiming to buy will fit through the main door/hallway or door frame. For those living in apartments, make sure you can seamlessly get the sofa through staircases, elevators or that narrow part of common corridors.

  2. Orientation of the sofa – This is one of the top tips for buying sofa online or from a physical store. What do you like to do the most in the space where you want to place your sofa? Sit and relax with your family? If yes, then you may want to surround your sofa with cushions and chairs to create ample seating space both individually and as a group. If you like to watch TV, make sure your sofa faces that direction. If you love hosting friends and family, you may want to create a semi-circle around a central table. These factors will also help you determine the shape- traditional three-seater sofa, L shaped or round shaped sofa- that will suit the room best.

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  3. Fabric of the sofa – Functionality of a sofa is the key. Therefore, fabric is the most crucial aspect that determines the durability and longevity of the sofa. One can choose from an array of fabric options like linen, leather, suede, natural fibre, wool blend, or synthetics, based your lifestyle and how the sofa will be used. You can go for an all fabric look or a wooden sofa set with a fabric of your choice on the seats. Remember to ask for fabric swatches as well. This way, you can get an idea about how the material will look in your home lighting. You can also test by placing it against the wall where the sofa will go.

  4. Colour - Colour is something that you must consider when buying a sofa. You can pick it depending on your personal taste. Whether you want to go for a bright shade, a printed look, or neutral tones, do make sure it complements the room. Fun, printed upholstery may change the look and feel of an otherwise plain room. Neutral tones can speak volumes in a slightly formal setting or if you have vibrant walls. You may experiment with a stylish and bold centre table to add some diversity in the room. If you are on the adventurous side, you may want to experiment with brighter shades and make your sofa the centre stage of the entire house.

  5. Sofa fills and padding– Sofa seats may have two kinds of fills – one that forms a stiff seat and the other that allows the seated person to sink cosily. Now the type of sofa fill you choose really depends on your preference. Some may like to sit on a plush sofa, while others may prefer something stiff. In case of a full fabric sofa, make sure that the frame and all the corners are well padded. Make sure you don’t feel the edges through the upholstery, else it may wear down quickly.

So these were some handy tips for buying a sofa online or from a showroom. Keep them in mind to pick a sofa that looks and feels great and also serves its purpose well. Always compare multiple furniture brands before taking a decision.

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