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Article: 10 Popular Wooden Arm Chair Designs

10 Popular Wooden Arm Chair Designs

10 Popular Wooden Arm Chair Designs

Wooden chairs are among the most commonly used chairs in our country. These are used in offices, restaurants, houses, banquet halls, shops and various other places. Different types of wooden arm chairs are designed to match the ambience of different places while there are many designs that are suitable for all types of places. 

Wooden Arm Chair

In this article, we have shared ten of the most popular wooden arm chair designs that are stylish, comfortable as well as sturdy.

  1. Comfortable Wooden Chair with Cushioned Back

 Wooden Chair with Cushioned Back

A sturdy upholstered wooden chair such as that shown in the above image offers a comfortable sitting experience. It has a cushioned back as well as a padded seat that helps sit comfortably for long hours. The padded armrests add to the comfort. This type of chair is readily available in different kinds of woods. It can be used in your study room, dining area as well as living room.

The type of wood you choose determines the quality as well as the overall appearance of the chair. It is suggested to choose one in a good quality material to ensure strength and durability.You may select the upholstery matching the ambience of your room.

  1. Stylish Lounge Chair Crafted with Wood

Lounge chairs are crafted with precision. They are visually appealing and sturdy at the same time. However, when it comes to comfort not all of them may score high. This is because their appearance is given preference over comfort. If you are looking for comfort as well as style then you may have to research a bit. Lounge chairs made of wood offer a chic appeal and may even be comfortable to sit. These are available in a wide variety of colours, designs and patterns. You may go for one that goes well with the overall décor of your place.

  1. Wooden Rocking Chair

Wooden Rocking Chair

Wooden rocking chair is among the most comfortable chairs available in the market. It is a treat to sit and rock on this chair. Besides, it adds to the appeal of your room. You can relax, read and enjoy on this chair. People of all age-groups adore this chair. When buying a rocking chair, you must ensure that you opt only for top quality wood to ensure comfort and safety. Woodsala has some of the finest rocking chairs. You can also get the chair custom-made as per your requirement.

  1. Wooden Writing Chair

This type of chair is great for students as well as working professionals. The chair offers adequate space to sit and work. The small flat surface on one of its sides is big enough to accommodate a writing pad or even a laptop. Its armrests make it comfortable to sit. However, its back design may make it comfortable to sit for long duration. In order to combat this issue, you may add a cushion that will help rest your back and avoid back ache.Single arm chair options are also available under this category.

  1. Ribbon Back Arm Chair

This type of chair is sleek and stylish. It is called so because of its ribbon like back which makes it attractive. You can keep it anywhere in your house. It can be kept in your living room, bedroom or balcony. The chair allows an upright posture and is thus even appropriate to be used in the dining area. However, you may not be able to sit comfortably on it for a long time at a stretch mainly because of its hollow back design.

  1. Stylish Trimerous Arm Chair

Trimerous chair is a unique chair that has beautifully carved out front legs and stylish arm rests. It is made with fine quality wood and is a known for its aesthetic appeal. The chair is comfortable to sit and adds to the ambience. It is lightweight yet sturdy. It is designed to facilitate correct posture. This type of wooden chair is usually seen in restaurants. This wooden chair design is also appropriate for usage at home as well. You may get it upholstered to make it more comfortable to sit.

If you love unique furniture pieces then this one is a good choice for you.

  1. Solid Wood Easy Chair

Solid Wood Easy Chair

If you are looking for an easy chair to sit comfortably while watching TV, reading a book or enjoying nature then it is best to go for one made of wood. A good quality wooden easy chair is strong, reliable and comfortable at the same time. It also boasts of a classy appeal unlike the ones made of plastic or iron. You can keep this chair in your living room, bedroom as well as your garden area. It goes well with all kinds of ambience.

  1. Comfortable and Spacious Adirondack Chair

This stylish sitting chair is known for its tall back and wide armrests. It is built in a way that its seat is slightly elevated in the front. It is mainly made for outdoor use. You may have seen it in resorts and outdoor restaurants. People also use it in their garden area and terrace. Available in different colours, it boasts of great aesthetics. It is also quite spacious and comfortable to sit. It can comfortably accommodate you and your toddler. The wide armrests provide enough space to place your cup of tea, book or even your handbag.

  1. Classy Windsor Arm Chair

Windsor armchairs render a classy appeal. They are crafted with solid wood and boast of a sturdy wooden seat. The back of the chair, its legs and arms are pushed into the seat through drilling. Their shallow saddle-shape makes for a comfortable sitting. This type of chair is available in three different designs. These are sack-back, hoop-back and comb-back. All three designs look beautiful and are apt to be kept in outdoor settings as well as indoors. These are available in different colours and are known for strength and durability.

  • Ladder Back Wooden Chair

Ladder Back Wooden Chair

A ladder back chair, as the name suggests, has a back that resembles a ladder. It has two uprights between which there are multiple horizontal slats or spindles that offer back support. The top slat is mostly wider than the other slats. Its seat is quite wide and thus makes for a comfortable seating. Its long and straight armrests add to the comfort. Different types of woods are used to make this chair.

In conclusion

Thus, there are a number of options when it comes to wooden arm chairs. You can go for wooden rocking chair, ladder back chair, Adirondack chair, ribbon back chair, windsor arm chair, easy chair, upholstered wooden chairs, trimerous arm chair and lounge chair. Each of these chairs differs in look and comfort. While some of these are suitable for outdoor seating, others have specially been designed for indoor use.

Most of these are available in different kinds of woods. You will also get them in different colours. In addition to the colour and design, you must pay attention to the kind of wood used to make the chair. The ones made of good quality wood may be expensive however they are also sturdy, durable and reliable and are thus worth it.

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