2 Slot Organizer

2 Slot Organizer

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Go Minimal With a 2 Slot Organizer

It is the digital age, after all! If you are an adopter of a fuss-free, clutter-free lifestyle, the 2 slot Organizer is for you. A smooth and wide work table, your laptop and this simple desk organizing tool give you the perfect environment for a productive work session, free of distractions and frustrating mess.

The Benefits of having a 2 Slot Wooden Organizer

The sleek and pretty 2 slot organizer features a hexagonal and a rectangular receptacle each for your desk essentials. Put your pens, USBs, chargers, keys or cards for easy access in this incredibly useful wooden creation. The organizer also features a vintage-looking analogue clock adding to its charm. It is made of good quality solid wood so you need not worry about it getting damaged or spoiled for a very long time.

Here are some places you may find the 2 slot organizer useful:

  • Your office desk or work from home desk
  • Atop a console table or side table by the front door to drop your keys in as you enter the home
  • The kitchen to keep a handy notepad and pen to make lists of items for your next grocery shopping or to leave little notes for the attention of family members
  • By your bedside to keep some stationery handy in case you get a bright new idea or need to take a message
  • On the dining table for napkins and cutlery to be stylishly arranged
  • On kids’ study tables

You could also get creative and use this organizer for your medicines or your reading glasses or lens cleaners. The beauty of this handy design is that it can be put to multiple uses around the home and not just your office desk. And with the clock in the design, it is also incredibly useful to have at different points around the house. This handcrafted item is also a great gifting idea with its super sleek design, vintage charm and superior finish.

The sides of the hexagon can also serve as your personal notice board for those little post-its or pictures of your memorable moments to calm yourself after a bout of intense work. For people who don’t believe in having too much stuff lying around them, this is the perfect kind of handy organizer.

When you buy a 2 Slot organizer, you are gifting yourself freedom from the need to sort and organize small items used in various tasks throughout your day. From 2 slot metal mail organizers to large racks for all your office files and supplies, there is much you can do to make sure working from home is as smooth and efficient as working from your office but this 2 slot organizer is a great starting point for your organizational needs.