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Article: Making Work from Home Seem Like the Best Idea Ever

Making Work from Home Seem Like the Best Idea Ever

Making Work from Home Seem Like the Best Idea Ever

This year has brought a sea change in every aspect of our lives. Owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are forced to reinvent our lives and work patterns, and there is a whole new emphasis on setting up a comfortable and efficient workstation at home. From rooms earmarked for a home office to innovative remodelling of a spare nook in the kitchen, work from home has given everyone’s interior designing skills a new preoccupation. The primary considerations for creating a home office include good internet connectivity, lighting and a spot free from household distractions. However, we may also have to think for a long-term solution, considering most of the companies are likely to ask their employees to work-from-home on a more permanent basis. The focal point of a good home office is, of course, your work desk. With some attention to detail, you can pick out the right one.

When zeroing in on your perfect choice of work/study table, it is important to think of both function and design. How long do you typically spend at the desk? Do you normally spend all your time on a computer or do you also need some space for writing/reading/drafting? Are you generally a clutter-free person or do you like to have all available resources close at hand? Do you need a plain work space or would you require space for storing files? Do you just need a space to work on your laptop or do you also require additional hardware like a printer? All these factors are important if you are looking for a table not just for yourself but also for your child, who is currently being schooled online. After the practical aspects are dealt with, you need to have a clear picture of where your desk would go. The size and shape would depend on the space available for a new study table.

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With all these details worked out, it is time to pick out the design that works best for you. Thankfully in, you can find the perfect design that suit your needs. There are several kinds of work desks available. Let’s take a quick look at the commonly used types.

Writing desks

These are usually plain in design with the main focus on the writing area. You can have a few drawers or shelves attached if you need storage as well. These desks are usually without a pedestal. The classic square design gives the table a simple elegance, and can easily double up as a coffee table.

Computer tables

These are exclusively built to keep computers with its accessories and paraphernalia, and may not be useful if you have any writing or drawing to do. The surface area is usually limited and works best if you have limited space. The tables are customised to provide spaces for the wires and plugs that need to be out of your way.

Executive tables

These multi-functional and professional tables are for the people, who spend a lot of time working from home. These combine the functions of both writing desks and computer tables while providing plenty of storage for important documents. You should opt for these tables only if you have plenty of space for your home office. Executive tables give an elegant and professional air to your workspace.

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Credenza desk

This artistic table gives off an air of a showpiece while also doubling up as the work space. The tables have multiple shelves and space on which you can put your laptop and essentials. These multifunctional units can be considered if you are looking to glam up the look of an area of your home.

Laptop table

This light-weighted, small and sleek work-surfaces are designed to carry around. It can used while sitting propped up with pillows on your bed or in the comfort of the sofa. These portable tables are just big enough to place your laptop, and if you don’t have long term plans of working from home, this is probably the best option. These tables also make for the perfect prop for breakfast in bed if the mood strikes.

Utility desks

If you are facing a shortage of space, and looking to convert an available corner of your room into a workstation, you could try a corner desk that neatly fits into any nook. These desks are an innovative solution to space crunch while giving a casual-modern look to your home. Wall-mounted desks are another option to get around the limited availability of space. Also, standing desks that had become a popular choice as the world started to talk about the dangers of sitting for long hours, are now frowned upon, as being too hard on the back and feet. An alternative to that are height-adjustable desks that lets you shift your posture, and also there are moving desks that allow you to be free from the constraint of a specific location.

Once you have considered your needs and settled on a design, go over to to pick out the right study table. With a variety of designs in durable and beautifully carved wood, you will definitely find the table that will not only serve your purpose, but also lend charm and elegance to your home. A wooden study desk is an investment that can last for generations. Go ahead and pick the one that is right for you.

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