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Wooden Tray Serving A Myriad of Purposes

Wooden Tray Serving A Myriad of Purposes

Serving tray is an essential kitchen accessory in every home, and serves a myriad of purposes that goes beyond taking food from one room to another as it not only adds to the décor of the dining table, but also elevates your kitchen’s style quotient.

Woodsala offers a wide range of wooden homewares including wooden tray sets online. Here’s a list of trays that can spruce up your home interiors:

Pine wood Fruit serving TrayWith our stylish pine wood fruit serving tray, you can organize your kitchen the way you want. The lightweight crate-like trays have multiple usage. It can be placed on the dining table to hold fruits or in the kitchen to keep sauces and pickle jars together. The handle grooves further make it easier to carry around.          

Contemporary Wooden TrayMade of teak wood slat, this tray boasts of a rustic finish that can bring a dash of charm in your place. It can also be used to display your decorative keepsakes, at the same time, this tray works wonderfully for serving breakfasts.

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Brass Finish Wooden Tray –. Pamper visitors to the maximum with these royal looking brass finish wooden trays. This tray is made from solid wood and has a brass plate bottom. It will lend an alluring and sophisticated touch to your hospitality.

Yin Yang TrayThe Yin Yang pattern symbolizes balance and harmony within the universe. Taking a leaf from this concept, the tray was created by our craftsmen out of solid wood accented with brass. You can serve treats in this tray and be the envy of your guests.

Pizza TrayEverybody loves pizzas, but now you can double up your excitement at home with this pizza tray, designed specifically to serve the delicacy. Because serving matters as much as the delicious dish. Our craftsmen have used edible oil coatings to ensure the tray is easy to wash and serve.

Whether you are a family man hosting a party or a bachelor living alone, it is very useful to have a wooden tray in the kitchen. It is a versatile and useful accessory that not only brightens your interior but also serves as a smart storage solution to keep clutters at one place. Choose from a wide range of fancy serving trays at Woodsala to make your life easier.

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