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Article: Make Your Bedroom A Trendy Haven with Wooden Furniture

Make Your Bedroom A Trendy Haven with Wooden Furniture

Make Your Bedroom A Trendy Haven with Wooden Furniture

The two buzzwords in interior design that never go out of style are sustainable and classic. With wooden furniture, you always check the right boxes in interior style. They are easy on the eye, add just the right touch of class to your living spaces, and are adaptable to pretty much any aesthetic. When it comes to your most intimate living space – your bedroom – wooden furniture can contribute much to transforming the space into the right kind of sanctuary. With the challenges the year 2020 has thrown at us, design trends are focussed on sustainability. Read on to find out how you can use wooden furniture to bring in the best of trends into your bedroom.

Why you should have wooden furniture in your bedroom

Wood is an affordable luxury that can speak of opulence or minimalism. It is also incredibly versatile in the ways it can be incorporated into the theme suitable for your home.

Bring in the vintage look

If your grandparents have left you with an antique piece of furniture, then this is the perfect time to bring it into your bedroom. Mixing the old with new is the craze right now. Even if the theme of your bedroom is contemporary, it still adds character to the room.

However, if you’d rather just have a vintage look than a real antique, check out Woodsala’s range of vintage wooden furniture. From artistically carved beds to charming bedroom accessories like foot stools and cabinets, you will find a furniture that is perfect for your bedroom.

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Bring in a touch of art

‘Functional art’ or collectible design is a trend that is growing steadily in the international scene. The easiest way to incorporate functional art into your bedroom is by way of carved wooden furniture. India has a rich tradition of carved furniture and it would add immense value to your bedroom to have an elegantly sculpted piece, placed strategically to catch attention.

Bring in versatility

One of the greatest features of wood that makes it perfect for any design aesthetic is its versatility. From warm colours to deep-rich tones and textures, and light, modern designs to ornate traditional ones, wood has the capacity to adapt to your taste and bring alive the bedroom of your dreams. While wooden flooring or panelling can create a great focal point for your overall design, furniture is what really brings it alive. With the variety of textures, finishes and shades available, there is no end to what you can do with wood to put your personal stamp on your intimate living space.

Bring in the power to transform

One of the best features of classic wooden furniture is that it gives you a great template from which different looks can be created. If you have an ornately-carved bed, you can still have a minimalist feel to the bedroom by matching it with sheer drapes and removing all other accent pieces. If you have contemporary wooden furniture, pair it with one stand-out piece of traditional carved wood to create an interesting visual impact. Since wooden furniture can last a lifetime, all it takes are some plush rugs or upholstering to create a totally new feel every couple of years.

Bring out the colours:

Wood is the perfect counterfoil to rich colours like Cobalt Blue and Kelly Green that are the craze in soft furnishings in 2020. Try out the bold monochromatic scheme in your bedroom with your wooden furniture to create a regal ambience. Think thick drapes, upholstering and bed covers. Nothing matches the brilliance of these furnishings like artistically carved wooden furniture of the sort you can find at

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The must-have pieces for your bedroom

Having talked about how wood is your best friend in creating the perfect look for your bedroom, here are some absolutely beautiful pieces of bedroom furniture that can completely elevate its look and feel.

Canopy bed

Make a statement with this style that is both classy and traditional. The best feature of a canopy bed is its visual drama. You can opt for a modern design or a traditional carved one. Either way, a canopy bed is an element of delightful surprise that stands out.

Chest of drawers

There is something irresistible about a vintage chest of drawers. You can go big or go minimal according to the size of your bedroom. You can even opt for a small-sized chest of drawers in place of the plain old bedside table. This is a design element that adds a touch of quirk to your overall design.

Dressing chair

Depending on the space, opt for a brilliantly designed chair instead of a generic stool for your dressing area. This will be your own personal signature to your bedroom style besides being a utility piece. From formal to funky and European to rustic Indian, there are so many designs you can adopt in a chair to make it unique.


Mirrors are a great example of how a little piece can go a long way in creating a dramatic effect. A well-designed mirror stand can complement the overall design of the bedroom. Ditch the metal and opt for a beautifully carved wooden frame for your bedroom mirror to magically transform a plain wall into an accent wall.  

Besides being adaptable to your design aesthetic, wooden furniture is easy to maintain, and can last generations without ever going out of style.  The bedroom is your retreat and the soothing haven, you want to lose yourself in at the end of a long day. And it should be well equipped to comfort your body and lift your spirits. With just the right wooden furniture and accents, you can make sure it remains perfect for you.

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